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Britney Spears Just Changed The Game -- Now She's Kicking Her Dad Out COMPLETELY!

britney spears wants jamie spears kicked off completely

The battle between Britney Spears and her dad is escalating even further — possibly to the point of no return!

Up until now, while Brit has been trying to take back some measure of control over the conservatorship that has ruled her life for more than a decade, she wasn’t trying to totally remove her father’s power. She had been content to allow Jamie Spears to stay on as co-conservator of her estate alongside the Bessemer Trust Company.

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Now, though, the pop star is done playing nice. She officially wants Jamie OUT as co-conservator — FOR GOOD.

The reason behind the dramatic shift listed in court documents obtained by TMZ regards some shady business dealings. The Lucky singer’s legal team claimed her management company, TriStar Sports and Entertainment Group, abruptly quit on October 28 with no prior notice. Jamie then hired Michael Kane of Miller Kaplan to replace Tristar without giving Britney any say in the matter (no heads up, no interview, no other management options).

The docs accused Jamie of trying “to introduce a new gatekeeper who admittedly has a major working relationship with [Jamie’s] legal team.” Per TMZ, the 38-year-old felt this was part of her dad’s ongoing attempts to “retain full functional control of her assets, books and records.”

This news comes shortly after Jamie Lynn Spears withdrew her own petition to take more control of her sister’s finances. In August, the Nickelodeon alum filed to have Britney’s assets placed in “blocked accounts” by Fidelity Financial Management, and have them serve as advisers for her investments.

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We knew the Spears family was REALLY divided over the conservatorship, but it’s hard to tell exactly where everyone falls on the issue. It’s probably safe to say mom Lynne Spears is on Brit’s side, as she signed off on her daughter’s choice to bring in the Bessemer Trust.

With Jamie Lynn, it’s unclear what her motives were — but her involvement definitely made #FreeBritney followers suspicious, especially considering her close relationship with manager Lou Taylor, who was instrumental in instating the conservatorship in the first place. Taylor also happens to be the CEO of TriStar… aka, the company that just dropped Brit like a hot potato.

Whatever’s going on, it’s definitely a complicated web, and it seems like a good thing Britney is trying to untangle it! Luckily, she recently won a small victory allowing her to beef up her legal team, so she’ll be better able to face off with her pops.

The whole world seems to be watching this case unfold — we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that it all works out for our girl in the end!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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