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Judge Rules Britney Spears Should Gain Control Back Of Her Money AND Refuses To Create Reserve Fund For Jamie’s Legal Fees!

Judge Rules Britney Spears Should Gain Control Back Of Her Money AND Refuses To Create Reserve Fund For Jamie’s Legal Fees!

Britney Spears got a huge win in court!

Although the pop sensations’ conservatorship ended back in November, there are still several loose ends to tie up, such as the Jamie Spear’s request for Britney to pay his millions of dollars in legal fees that he racked up over the years while he was still the conservator of her estate. In a court appearance on Wednesday, their attorneys battled over whether to set up a reserve account with her $60 million fortune until the court decides if the 69-year-old and his lawyers should receive for their legal payments. They also clashed over whether or not the 40-year-old singer should gain control over her money again now that she is no longer in the legal arrangement. And let’s just say things got pretty heated!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Gold — the attorney working for the temporary conservator of Britney’s estate — argued that she deserved access to her funds in its entirety. Mathew Rosengart then added that they can handle the fee requests if the time comes as she has money to pay for her own lawyers and had no plans to “not going to dissipate her assets” at any point.

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However, Jamie’s lawyer Alex Weingarten opposed their remarks, telling the court:

“Let’s remember why this conservatorship existed. Ms. Spears was irresponsible with her money.”

Rosengart then quickly reminded Weingarten that “the conservatorship is over.” Ultimately, Penny refused to set aside the funds and stated that there are certain protections in place to make sure lawyers get paid if an order is issued granting their request.

But what’s more important here is that the El Lay judge also declared that Britney will have full control over her finances – regardless of the unresolved argument over whether she’ll be forced to cover Jamie’s legal fees. Hell yes! It was about damn time that Britney had full access to her own money!

Still, it remains unknown if she will need to cover Jamie’s bills at this time, but here’s hoping we’ll find out when the lawyers head back into court again on March 16 and July 27. As we have mentioned many times before, it certainly seems like this battle in court is nowhere near finished — and that Jamie’s willing to do whatever it takes to steal his daughter’s cash.

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