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Married Browns QB Accused Of Getting Oral Sex From A Fan In A Cheesecake Factory Parking Lot!

Married NFL quarterback accused of cheating on wife with fan

Married Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has been sacked by a cheating scandal involving d**k pics, fellatio, and a Cheesecake Factory parking lot.

That’s right, y’all, this is an extra messy one — so let’s dive right in!

Ohio native Kacie Dingess (above, insert) appeared on syndicated radio show Rover’s Morning Glory earlier this month to share her story of allegedly meeting up with the NFL star in August 2019, a month after he got married to his wife Emily Mayfield.

The 20-year-old fan said she came into contact with the 24-year-old athlete after messaging him on Twitter, sending a video of herself shotgunning a beer at a 2019 preseason Browns game, paying tribute to a viral clip of him doing the same that August.

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Kacie alleged Baker added her on Snapchat soon after, but “didn’t believe” it was really the QB because “it was, like, a weird username. It wasn’t just Baker Mayfield.” So, she asked for proof.

She told Rover and friends:

“I was like, ‘Show me that it’s actually you.’ … He was really sure to be like, ‘OK, you have to send me a video of your whole entire house and show me that you’re not with anyone.’”

Once Kacie proved she was alone, the athlete allegedly sent her a selfie to prove he was the real deal. Then, after she sent him a few pics in return, they eventually — and again, allegedly — made plans to meet up at a Westlake, Ohio Cheesecake Factory parking lot.

She continued:

“He kept texting me, saying like, ‘Send me pictures’ and blah, blah, blah… We were texting for a while, and then he was like, ‘OK, come see me.’ So I got in my car and I drove all the way to Westlake, and it was like behind Cheesecake Factory in some weird development parking lot. And so he texted me when I was on my way there and he was like, ‘You have to leave your phone in the car.’”

Dingess claimed Baker pulled up in an SUV with tinted windows and she climbed into his passenger seat. They allegedly exchanged “some small talk” before moving to the back seat, where Dingess says she performed fellatio on the athlete. (No, he apparently didn’t return the favor — nor did he buy her a piece of cheesecake for her troubles.)

She continued:

“[When] I left, I was like, ‘Good doing business with you’ — like, joking around. And he was like, ‘Don’t say that!’ And I was like, ‘I’m just kidding.’ And then I lost my Juul in his car and we had to look for that for a few minutes. He was like, ‘OK, well, drive safe,’ and I was like, ‘OK, see ya.’”

While the fan said she wouldn’t publicly share the d**k pics Baker allegedly sent her, she showed some of the radio hosts the indecent snaps at one point during the interview. Kacie also explained she decided to come forward with her story after Baker blocked her on Twitter out of nowhere.

Later on, another woman called in to claim that she, too, met up with Baker in a parking lot and gave him oral sex in his car months after they connected on social media. That encounter, however, allegedly took place in December 2018, when Baker was engaged to his now wife.

What do U think of this story, Perezcious readers? Watch the fan’s full interview (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

Is it just us, or does some cheesecake sound delicious right about now?!

[Image via WENN/YouTube]

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