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Busy Philipps' 7-Year-Old Daughter Gave Her The Confidence To Post This Bikini Pic!

busy philipps daughter inspired bikini pic

Busy Philipps is a trendsetter — at least when it comes to her own kids! 

The actress has been known to share many a look on Instagram — be it glamorous, boho chic, or lately, cute, coordinated mask outfits. She’s always been an unashamed advocate of posting that snap when you’re feeling yourself. But this time around, it was actually her daughter who was feeling Busy’s look, which inspired its own sweet IG post!

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The 41-year-old, currently on a family getaway to South Carolina, shared a shot of herself holding a sparkler while wearing a red bikini top and shorts. She captioned the pic: 

“The other night Cricket (my????7 year old) said to me AND I QUOTE, ‘you know what I love a LOT? How you wear just a bathing suit top and, like, your jean shorts or a skirt. I don’t know why *I* don’t do that. I packed a lot of bikinis, too*. I should do that. I really like the way it looks on you.’ And it was so sweet and pure and loving and she still sees me as perfect (even when I am so hard on myself and can’t even see it a little bit)”


This has us totally melting — it’s too cute! Oh, here’s Cricket serving looks btw: 

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???? She is. A. Whole. Damn. Vibe. ????

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The compliment from her kid prompted the mother of two (Cricket and her sister Birdie, 11) to reflect on parenthood. She wrote: 

“and anyway-how much longer could that last really? Before she looks at me one day and just thinks ugh? Another year maybe? My heart will break into a million pieces when I see it. Maybe it’s why some people just keep having more kids- to stave off the inevitable. But also? I don’t know. Maybe she won’t ever look at me and think ugh. And also. She’s right. It IS kinda a rad look for your mom.”

We have to say, Cricket is right. It’s a great look for a casual, summer vacation vibe. Plus, she looks HOT!

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Regarding Cricket’s remark that she herself had “packed a lot of bikinis,” her momma added: 

“*cricket has exactly one bikini-

which she did pack, a hand me down from her sister.”

We can’t handle the adorableness! 

For those who don’t get enough of Busy on Instagram — and who miss her show Busy Tonight — the entertainer will soon be launching her new podcast Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best alongside former showrunner Caissie St. Onge and writer Shanitra Jackson. We imagine she’ll be sharing a lot more sweet and hilarious anecdotes on the pod!

Ch-ch-check out the hot momma’s post (below):

[Image via Busy Philipps/Instagram]

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