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Caitlyn Jenner's Home Burns Down! Woke Kim Kardashian Is Back! Leave Tucker Carlson Alone! AND... | Perez Hilton

Caitlyn Jenner‘s mansion in Malibu destroyed by deadly fire!
Kanye West targeted in shooting!
Kim Kardashian may surprise you with her latest action!
Tucker Carlson does not deserve to be targeted at his house by protestors!!
We think we know why Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are getting married before Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner – even though they got engaged after them!
And more of today’s hottest topics, including Hilary Duff, Tom Hiddleston, Adam Driver, Meg Ryan and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!
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CAITLIN JENNER’s mansion destroyed by flames:
KARDASHIANS evacuate homes:
KIM KARDASHIAN visits prisoners:
KANYE WEST and Tekashi music video shoot attacked with bullets:
TUCKER CARLSON victim of antifa ambush at his home:
NICK JONAS and Priyanka Chopra obtain marriage licenses:
FLIGHT ATTENDANT gives her boob milk to baby:
HILARY DUFF drank her placenta:
TOM HIDDLESTON to star in Loki TV show:
ADAM DRIVER and his wife have a secret 2 yo child:
MEG RYAN and John Mellencamp engaged:

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Nov 09, 2018 14:34pm PDT