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Candy Spelling Moves Out And Moves On

Candy Spelling sat down with 20/20, for an interview airing tonight, to whore out her new book and talk trash about her daughter.
The widowed mother of Tori Spelling is moving on and putting the 56,000 square foot “Manor” that she built with late husband Aaron Spelling on the market for a cool $150 million.
Candy admits that she doesn’t know how many bathrooms the Bel Air property boasts.
She also admits that she would like to be a part of her estranged daughter’s family, saying, “I would love to be close to my grandchildren,” she said. “I’m the only grandparent that’s living. So, I’m it. And — I’ve never even met Stella.”
Speaking of her upcoming book, Stories from Candy-Land, she talks about being a “trophy wife” to one of the most successful TV producers of all time, saying, “I was not my own person. And I really didn’t know that there was anything wrong with that.”
It’s time to move on, however, and with the house goes a bunch of stuff that Candy’s been “hoarding.” After watching an Oprah episode regarding, Candy says she “called my girlfriend up and I said, ‘You’ve gotta watch this program. I am telling you, I think I’m a hoarder.'”
As a result, she doesn’t mind moving, although she’s “just worried about, can I pack it all up? And what will I do with it?”
But mostly what she hopes for is to “spend a Thanksgiving, a Christmas, a holiday together, and maybe, at some point, all be together always.”
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Mar 27, 2009 13:30pm PDT

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