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Can't a Man Have His Tequila and Vodka Too?


The Ciroc vodka suits are supposedly up in arms because they gave Diddy a $100 million deal to develop their brand, and yet the mogul is allegedly only drinking Tequila 1800 when he’s out and about.

We wonder…why shouldn’t Diddy freely enjoy his tequila?

Diddy lists Tequila 1800 as his favorite drink on his IMDB page and we even found a People story from back in 2004 that mentions the tequila is his bevvie of choice.

It’s not like he’s been caught drinking some other vodka brand!

C’mon…it’s like expecting Tiger Woods to only drive Buicks when he’s cruising out on the town.

Maybe the Ciroc people should have been more clear about what they expect from Diddy in the contract????

And, if they’re looking for a new spokeswhore, Perez is cheap and easy!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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May 22, 2008 15:30pm PDT

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