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Caroline Flack's Pals Blaming Tabloids & Social Media -- One Even Started A Petition To Change The Law!

Caroline Flack Death Social Media Bullying Press Blame

We were heartbroken to learn of Caroline Flack‘s passing.

The Love Island presenter died by apparent suicide over the weekend, and in the wake of her death many close to her have expressed their immense grief in statements and on social media.

Others, however, are angry. And one friend is channeling her anger over Caroline’s suicide toward who she believes is to blame: the media. Former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has launched a new campaign for what she’s calling Caroline’s Law, a set of guidelines meant to safeguard celebrities from the press.

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Speaking to Sky News, she explained:

“[Caroline] was destroyed by it all. She had nowhere to turn, she was getting death threats. People online, bullying, that needs to stop. What’s happened to us all being kind humans, helping each other? Why are we all jumping on people? Why can’t we say ‘you are clearly struggling, you clearly need help with your mental health, let’s find you a way out, let’s make this better?’ It’s not fair what the media has done, it’s really not fair.”

The vilification Stephanie is describing is in relation to reports about the assault charges Caroline was facing.

Back in December Caroline was arrested on charges of committing domestic violence against boyfriend Lewis Burton. She had not been able to contact the tennis pro; however, he came out strongly against the charges, in full support of Caroline. Yet the prosecution went ahead with the case anyway; the Strictly winner was facing a very messy public trial.

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Stephanie lamented the media’s portrayal of Caroline as “a big bad villain.” She believes it was the coverage of the incident which led directly to her friend’s death. And she isn’t the only one. Caroline’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Brady broke his silence on Instagram Story on Monday, writing a lengthy rant against the press:

“I would kindly ask you for her mum and her family’s that you stop pointing the finger at the wrong people. The prosecutors aren’t to blame for Caroline’s death. They have been the only just people this. They are being wrongly blamed for her death. Can’t you see. Yes Caroline had problems. Why wouldn’t she. You made out to be a monster. A complete witch hunt. Every f**king week. You f**kIng broke her. I won’t let you break me no matter what.”

He also wrote:

“To my new girlfriend I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have had to put up with me like I have been for so long, and see some of the awful things they have said about me. I try and be better every day. Marta. You’re amazing. Thank you. Lewis. I’m sorry they broke her and I’m sorry that have contributed somewhat. I loved Caroline as much as you and I saw the real her. I hope you can forgive me. I can’t forgive myself. But I’m most sorry to her mum Christine, her twin sister Jody, her big brother Paul, her bigger sister Liz and their kids. You daughter, you sister and you Aunti was good person. You should be proud of her. They’re f**king innocent and you wrote bulls**t about her. They have to grow up reading this. She didn’t f**king deserve this. You utter c**ts! I hope you f**kers pay for how you made her. She was good person.”

Andrew went further than Stephanie, throwing out blame at Caroline’s own team:

“She was just ruined by a disgusting industry filled with complete users, fakes and frauds you know who you are. C**ts! I hate you. Her managers Francis and Louise you knew she was depressed. And you PR wankers who did nothing to protect her. I hope that 20% kills you you. You c**ts! You make me sick. You knew she needed help and you did f**k all. You paraded her life across the British press like a f**king sitcom. She’s has family. And her family are amazing.”

He finished by saying:

“Caroline had amazing people in her life and they didn’t it deserve this. None of them do. You c**ts. I hope you f**king die.”

Stephanie is being more productive than wishing death on the tabloids and “PR wankers.” In a petition on she is calling for laws to change to keep newspapers, magazines, and sites from:

  • Releasing information that there is no evidence for and is therefore false
  • Printing source quotes from anyone or an unreliable source
  • Invading privacy and sharing private information that is detrimental to the celebrity, their mental health and those around them
  • Paparazzi taking and printing images without permission
  • Releasing an individuals private medical or health related information or their sexual orientation
  • Releasing articles about leaked explicit photos, videos and revenge porn

She also called for “stricter legal boundaries regarding unwanted trespassing nearby the property where the individual resides, or is visiting.”

The petition has already gotten half a million signatures as of this writing. Obviously the way certain media outlets, especially in the UK, treat those in the public eye is problematic. And some of the worst of what Caroline was facing, like the “death threats” Stephanie mentioned and the libel Andrew accused magazines of, already are illegal. In fact, there already are many laws in place to protect private citizens from outlets when they step out of line. Maybe some of these changes are a good idea.

But ultimately the media is not to blame for Caroline’s death.

The media has a responsibility not to be cruel or engage in lies obviously, and should be held accountable when it does. But we need freedom of the press, even when they cover stories we don’t think they should, even when some of them engage in editorializing we don’t agree with.

Obviously what Caroline was going through was awful, but it’s something those going through criminal investigations have had to face throughout history. Just because coverage of their cases may personally hurt celebs like Jussie SmollettHarvey WeinsteinPrince AndrewLori Loughlin, and even Donald Trump and his many, many associates, doesn’t mean those subjects don’t have journalistic value. A lot of people are facing some tough questions and harsh judgements — some fair and some unfair.

The sad truth is, the only person to blame for Caroline’s death is Caroline.

What do YOU think about these hot takes, Perezcious readers?? Please let us know in the comments (below).

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