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REVEALED! How Casey Anthony REALLY Reacted To The News Her Daughter Was Found Dead...

Casey Anthony Daughter Caylee Body Found Reaction Cellmate

Ten years later — almost exactly a decade after she got acquitted as a matter of fact — the Casey Anthony trial is once again capturing the imagination of true crime aficionados.

Despite the non-stop media coverage at the time, it seems these days we’re getting more info than ever before about the case.

For those who weren’t following the news back then, Casey was arrested after lying to police during the search for her missing daughter Caylee Anthony. Eventually the 2-year-old’s remains were found, wrapped in a blanket inside a laundry bag and buried in the woods near Casey’s family’s house.

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Casey was officially charged with charged with first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and four counts of providing false information to police, but after a very public trial was only found guilty of the latter.

But there is a moment no one saw, not journalists covering the case closely, not detectives investigating the murder, not even prosecutors trying the case. That’s the moment the mother was informed her daughter was found dead.

See, Casey was already in jail when that happened. And now two witnesses are describing that missing piece of the puzzle, thanks to a new Lifetime docuseries called Cellmate Secrets.

Casey didn’t have a cellmate per se, but Robyn Adams was her neighbor, one cellblock over, in the Orange County, Florida jail where she was being held while the search for Caylee continued. In an episode set to drop at 10 p.m. on June 4, Robyn details the way they communicated, using hand signals through the bars and passing notes in a “specific novel” they would take turns borrowing from the book cart that went from cell to cell:

“We would ask each other, ‘Did you write me?’ [mimicking hand signals] ‘Yes, it’s in the book.'”

Robyn was there to witness when Casey got the tragic news. She says:

“When they gave her the news that they found Caylee’s remains, it was bad.”

So bad she had to be taken away to calm down, claims Adams:

“They took her to medical, because she couldn’t breathe. She was having an anxiety attack, a panic attack.”

Wow. Sounds like the grief of a mother who lost her child, right? Well, that wasn’t the impression everyone got.

Prison guard Silvia Hernandez was also there, and she characterizes the “panic” a little differently:

“She didn’t act like a regular mother, where ‘Oh they found my daughter and she’s dead?’ — you know, crying, bawling. No, no her behavior at that time was like, ‘Oh, s**t. I got caught.'”

Well, that’s certainly a different take. If true, that’s awfully chilling — but of course it makes sense neither was brought in to testify in the trial. Both seem to have already had a picture of Casey in their heads when they saw her upset and read completely different things into it.

As with everything in this case, we may just never have the whole truth…

[Image via HBO/ABC News/YouTube/Orange County Sheriffs Office.]

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