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Harmony Montgomery's Stepmom Carried Her Dead Body Around In A Stroller With Her 2 Other Children

Harmony Montgomery Stepmother Kayla Carried Dead Body Stroller

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

This case just never stops adding more disturbing details, does it?

The Harmony Montgomery murder trial continued this week, and so did the ongoing testimony of Kayla Montgomery on Monday. The 5-year-old’s stepmom claimed last week it was her husband who killed Harmony. She said Adam Montgomery punched her to death after she had an accident in the car they’d been living out of — and then talked to her about how he would dispose of the body.

Harmony Montgomery Murder Trial Adam mugshot
Adam Montgomery booking photo. / (c) Manchester Police Department

Shockingly she claimed Adam wanted to use a saw and a blender to make the body permanently vanish. She testified he first “folded her in half, and squished” her small body into a bag, which he moved from location to location.

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However, on Monday she added a new detail. When Adam temporarily moved the child’s decomposing remains to the restaurant he was working at, the transport was actually her job. Kayla claims he forced her to bring the bag to the Portland Pie so he could hide his daughter’s body in the walk-in freezer. She says the garbage bag full of Harmony’s remains was tucked inside a canvass maternity ward tote bag — and she brought it in by hiding it in the stroller with her two living children. She explained on the stand:

“It was a double stroller. I had one kid in the front and there was a basket underneath. I put the CMC [Catholic Medical Center] bag in the basket, and then the other kid was on the other side.”

Horrific. Just horrific.

Harmony Montgomery Murder Trial bag
(c) Manchester Police Department

Perhaps most shockingly Kayla also testified that, despite suffering physical and emotional abuse at Adam’s hands, despite knowing he beat his child to death and made her cart the remains around… she still has feelings for him. Oof.

Adam is facing second-degree murder charges — and already pleaded guilty last week to the lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying evidence. If we had to guess he’s going to be convicted on the murder charge, too, after hearing all this. We can’t imagine any jury hearing about what these people did to this little girl’s body, from one of the participants no less, and voting to acquit. What do YOU think?

If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to

[Image via Manchester Police Department/NBC 10 Boston/YouTube]

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