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Casper Abused Topanga???


The booze-loving former star of Boy Meets World was recently on The Hill-Man Morning Show in Boston when she revealed something quite sad.

As you may recall (or probably not), Danielle Fishel once famously dated former N’SYNC member Lance Bass. Obviously they never did the nasty.

Their relationship didn’t work out due to Lance liking cock the time spent apart because of their busy schedules.

But, the two have managed to remain friends throughout the years.

However, while Danielle was on the radio show she managed to spill out a lot of information about her past.

Topanga showed up for the interview a bit hung over, as she admitted to, which probably helped her open up.

During one part of the chat, they start to talk about her tattoos and how she wants to get them removed.

She has some Japanese tattoos that mean Love & Faith on her neck which she wants to get rid of.

Topanga also has a tattoo on her lower back of an angel with butterfly wings. She said she got that tattoo since it’s how she felt at 19 after she broke up with a guy that used to “beat the crap out of me”.

Oh, and she also mentioned it was a “famous” boyfriend.

Doubtful that it’s Bass, since the two are still friends. So who else did Fishel date?

During that time (ten years ago), she also dated former teen douchebag star Devon Sawa for just under a year.

Is he the one that used to beat her? Is that why she got the tattoo after breaking up with him?????

Speak up Topanga!

[Image via WENN.]

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May 19, 2008 16:30pm PDT

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