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Chad Johnson To Be RELEASED From Jail Today!

Chad Johnson found himself in hot water after slapping his lawyer’s butt in open court!
We previously mentioned that Chad was sentenced to 30 days behind bars because the booty slap led the judge to believe he wasn’t taking any of his legal woes seriously.
So Judge McHugh took Chad down several pegs and threw his ass in the slammer.
Chad was brought back into a Florida courtroom today, all handcuffed and embarrassed.
The judge laid down the law, reprimanding Chad for his disrespectful behavior but then she also agreed to release him today!
Even though he’ll be getting out of jail today, he’s earned himself an extra month of probation!
Maybe next time he’s in court he’ll decide to be a little more respectful and things will go more his way!
Check out the video (above) to see the infamous booty slap!

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Jun 17, 2013 13:00pm PDT