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Influencer Christine Tran Ferguson Reveals Her 15-Month-Old Son Asher Has Died In Devastating Post

Influencer Christine Tran Ferguson Reveals Her 15-Month-Old Son Asher Has Died In Devastating Post

Christine Tran Ferguson needs all the love and support she can get right now.

On Thursday, the influencer took to Instagram to share the “unimaginable nightmare” news that her 15-month-old son Asher has devastatingly passed away. She wrote in a heartbreaking post:

“My heart is utterly broken and shattered into a million pieces. I will never understand why, nothing makes sense, I’m still in shock, I just want to wake up from this unimaginable nightmare and have you back in my arms. Why is this happening to us, why Asher?? You did not deserve any of this. Losing you is the hardest experience mommy and daddy has ever had to endure. Everyday has been torture without you, this pain is unbearable. I still feel like you’re going to reappear but our home is so quiet and empty without you. Part of me has died with you. I’m so heartbroken, with no idea how to live a life without you.”

How absolutely tragic. We can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through right now.

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Earlier this month, the Tour de Lust blogger revealed in a post on the photo-sharing app that her son “fighting for his life in the ICU,” but didn’t share any details about what led him there. She wrote:

“Please God, give us a miracle and save my sweet Asher. We need you, we miss your laugh, your smile, we need you here with mama & dada. Please help us pray for our precious Asher who is fighting for his life in the ICU”

Unfortunately, as Christine shared, he did not make it. The grieving mother continued in her Thursday update:

“I can’t even put into words how loved you are. I can’t stop seeing your big smile everywhere I go, I hear your laugh and babbles all day and it just breaks my heart you’re physically not here. Your room is empty, your stuff untouched. There’s no pain that can ever compare to losing a child & I can’t believe it happened to us. I’m so sorry you had to go through this!! I would give anything to take your place, to go back in time. I still can’t believe you’re gone, why did you have to go so soon?? We had a future as a family I constantly think about & it’s just gone.”

Completely world shattering. She added:

“I miss running my hands through all your hair, biting your chubby little feet, but most of all I ache for your hugs and kisses so much!! I pray I get to see you in my dreams every night. I just want you back so badly, but you’re never coming home and it’s killing me.”

Christine concluded her post by sharing that she’s still unsure what exactly caused his death, but that she needs time to grieve:

“I just ask for privacy during this difficult time as we’re still in shock and still have no answers to this unbearable nightmare.”

She also asked in a Story post if there are any other parents who have “gone through child loss” to email her.

Christine Tran Ferguson Posts About Needing Support From Other Parents
The Worst Possible Thing For Any Parent. (c) Christine Tran Ferguson/Instagram

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Following the news, fellow influencers and friends of Christine have taken to IG to share their condolences. Caila Quinn Burrello wrote Thursday:

“We are all devastated that you had to leave us way too early. I don’t even understand how this could happen. We miss you and wish we could go back to before this even happened.”

She continued:

“I’m sorry if these aren’t the right words. I’m so sorry Christine for your loss.. I just.. can’t imagine what you’re going through & wish it would all go away. You ARE the best mother in the world. Full of love, care, and kindness… Asher was taken too soon – but for the time he was here, you made it the absolute best for him.”

See the full post (below):

Wendy Nguyen also shared a tribute, writing on her Story alongside a pic of Asher and her own daughter Kingsley, writing:

“Can’t stop crying. We were supposed to go on a play date last week. Asher, we miss you so much. Can’t imagine the pain and grief @tourdelust is going through right now.”

Wendy Nguyen Tributes Asher
(c) Wendy Nguyen/Instagram

So devastating. Christine welcomed Asher in April of 2022, and described a traumatic birth in a post at the time:

“The doctor told us he had the cord around his neck so when the contractions happened it would tighten around his neck which led to his heart rate dropping.”

Our hearts are with Christine, her husband, and all their loved ones as they navigate this unthinkable tragedy. Rest in peace little Asher.

[Images via Christine Tran Ferguson/Instagram]

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