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Colleen Ballinger Hit With Yet Another Accusation Of ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior With A Minor Amid Grooming Scandal!

Colleen Ballinger Hit With Yet Another Accusation Of ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior With A Minor Amid Grooming Scandal!

The accusations against Colleen Ballinger are mounting.

As you know, the 36-year-old YouTuber, known for her character Miranda Sings, has been under fire lately after allegations of grooming young fans, racism, and more have come out. Things are not looking good for her, especially as yet another person has come forward with their horrific experience with Colleen when they were just a minor. Someone named Grant took to TikTok on Tuesday after realizing he was a “Miranda Sings victim.” The social media user recalled how he went to one of her shows when he was 15 years old and was called up on stage to perform a skit with Colleen on “what to do on a first date.”

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Grant included a video of their onstage bit, which showed Colleen inappropriately flirting with the teen. She also put a bag of Cheetos down her pants, and had him grab some at one point. So, so wrong. And that’s not all. Colleen then had him kiss her on the cheek and called him “attractive.” Yeah, she did this with a 15-year-old. Looking back, Grant definitely realized how “inappropriate” the moment was:

“Looking back, I don’t have any negative feelings toward it. I was very much in on it and loved the attention. But I would never – if I was in her position – I would never call a minor up onstage and say and do some of the stuff that she did. Never. I’m glad that in my brain then I was confident enough to know that this is a bit, we’re just acting, we’re entertaining people. But still, that is so inappropriate. She even says she’s not a pedophile, crazy.”

It’s very messed up. You can see the entire video (below):


So strange looking back but wanted to share! This is a video that someone posted on YouTube of my interaction on stage at one of her shows. This happened my freshman year of high school lol ????✋Some parts definitely made me feel uncomfy, but I never looked back at this experience as anything traumatizing. Just interesting to watch now considering all of the other things coming out.. #mirandasings #colleenballinger

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[Image via Grantegibbs/TikTok, Colleen Vlogs/YouTube]

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