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Model Cristina 'Vita' Aranda Shot Dead At Paraguay Music Festival

Model Cristina ‘Vita’ Aranda Shot Dead At Paraguay Music Festival

Cristina “Vita” Aranda, a model and the estranged wife of soccer star Ivan Torres, has sadly passed away at just 29 years old.

Ivan shared the tragic news via a statement that was posted to his Instagram account as well as Cristina’s. In the translated message, he invited fans to say “their last goodbye” to the influencer by attending a funeral to be held in Asunción, Paraguay. Ivan shared:

“One of Cristina’s priorities was to be close to her followers.”

While fans are welcome and encouraged to attend, they won’t be allowed into all parts of the ceremony, the Club Olimpia player continued:

“Out of respect in this delicate moment, the entrance to the wake room will be exclusively for family and friends. We appreciate your desire to accompany us in this delicate moment. We ask you to use the space on the ground floor to leave a dedication and pay tribute to Vita.”

According to reports from the BBC and Paraguayan ABC TV, Vita was at the Ja’umina Fest concert at the José Asunción Flores amphitheater on Sunday. She was shot in the head and died of her injuries, according to an autopsy report. She was one of two people who were killed during the incident and at least four other people were wounded.

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Benicio Ramírez, the Director of the Cordillera police department, told reporters that authorities do not believe she was the “target,” explaining via a translation by the BBC:

“The lady was [nearby] waiting for her husband.”

Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Guizzio, insisted that an investigation is ongoing as authorities attempt to determine a motive. According to Alicia Sapriza, a prosecutor in the case who spoke with BBC, authorities believe the shooter was after José Luis Bogado Quevedo, an alleged drug trafficker wanted by cops. He is currently in critical condition in the hospital. Marcelo Eladio Monteggia Díaz, who also has ties to drug trafficking, is also being detained in the hospital according to ABC TV.

Cristina had a following of over 520,000 followers on social media, where she posted fitness tips and lots of content about her three children, whom she shared with the athlete. One of her most recent photos saw her cuddling with one of her boys, writing in Spanish:

“The most beautiful hug in the world.”

As she celebrated New Year’s, Vita posted a photo with her three kids, expressing:

“My reason to be.”

She and Torres split last month. While she did not reveal the reason for the divorce, Cristina did make a public announcement, telling fans:

“First of all, my personal life has always been closely related to my professional life.”

The translated statement continued:

“I have decided to divorce [and] continue with my life alone. I will NOT explain the reasons and I hope you respect that decision all for the care that my family deserves.”

She asked for privacy surrounding the personal matter, concluding:

“I ask for empathy and understanding. I understand that this information could cause interest but I ask you to respect me and my children.”

In the wake of her devastating death, many friends have taken to her social media accounts to pay their respects. Influencer Antonella Materazzi penned:

“it hurts a lot! how unfair this is for God’s sake… fly high princess!!! We are going to remember you as what you were and are: an angel, wife and exemplary mother!!”

Singer Marcos Yaroide also shared his condolences, noting:

“Many strength my dear for you and yours.”

Ivan also returned to Instagram to share a heartfelt montage video in memory of his ex, reflecting:

“This is how I will remember you my love, with that beautiful smile and that big heart. I promise that I will miss you very much, nothing will be the same without you, just thank you for these 11 years by my side, for teaching me to recognize my mistakes, to forgive, to believe, to be better, to love unconditionally, that despite the difficulties we had to be prepared for the next opportunity, you told me that you wanted to reach the heart of each woman and impact them. I know that God granted it to you and will continue to do so, and THANK YOU for those three children you gave me, I will honor your name by giving my best so that they look like you. LOVE YOU”

Truly so sad. We will be thinking of Aranda’s friends and family in this terrible time, especially her young children. R.I.P.

[Image via Cristina Aranda/Ivan Torres/Instagram]

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