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When Thor Meets A Corgi You Get: A THORgi!!!

Dog dressed as Thor is the cutest thing EVERRRR!!
Oh jeez, ohh boy, oh man… we can feel it coming on… a cuteness overload is just around the corner…
We love dogs (obvi) as does everyone else (who matters) and so pretty much any cute pic of a Corgi would melt our hearts.
We’ve also got a thing for Norse gods, especially those played by hunks like Chris Hemsworth.
We’d totes let him pound us with his hammer. But that’s besides the point.
Because some genius smashed together Thor and a Corgi and we think it’s the best Halloween costume we’ve ever seen!
They shared the cutest pic ever (above) and wrote:

“All you pet owners out there, THIS is an #epic costume! Behold the #Thorgi! #halloween #cutepic”

Ahhhh! Omg that’s so ahmayzing!
That’s one seriously impressive costume on one incredibly cute doggy!
We’re gonna go ahead and clear our schedule for today so we can focus on staring at this pic. Perfection.
[Image via Roxy.]

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Oct 30, 2013 19:01pm PDT

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