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Human Remains Found In Search For Missing Geologist -- But Why Doesn't His Father Think They're His??

Daniel Robinson Missing Geologist Human Remains Found

Yet another missing person update — and one that illustrates in shocking clarity just how many other unsolved cases are out there.

Daniel Robinson was last seen over four months ago at work in Buckeye, Arizona. The 24-year-old geologist reportedly left his worksite at Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road on June 23 and disappeared — but not without a trace.

A month later, on July 20, a rancher found his wrecked 2017 Jeep Renegade about four miles away from the worksite. Disturbingly his phone, wallet, keys, and clothes were all found in the abandoned vehicle, which was found on its side. But no sign of the young man.

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Another odd note about the vehicle — while it seemed to have been in a collision, it was driven for some time afterward. According to an investigator working for Daniel’s family, the airbag control module showed the Jeep was driven eleven miles after the airbags deployed. Even odder, the ignition was turned 46 times. That means someone turned the car off and back on over and over. Like they made lots of little trips. With the airbag deployed. And then wrecked again in the ravine.

Could it have been Daniel? Could he have been driving concussed? Or someone else getting rid of the car to delay finding it?? Despite these baffling circumstances and what little is known of the disappearance, the Buckeye Police Department have somehow ruled out foul play or suspicious circumstances.

These mysteries will have to wait until he’s found. Searchers in the area did come across human remains over the weekend, but surprisingly they are not his, at least according to his father. On Sunday David Robinson shared an update on Twitter, writing:

“Saturday, November 6, my weekly searches for my son Geologist Daniel Robinson has again uncovered human remains out in the desert of Buckeye, AZ, hopefully bringing some closure to another grieving family. The human remains is not Daniel. I will continue my searches for my son.”

How does he know before DNA tests are even conducted? Does it have something to do with his son’s unique physicality? He was born without his right hand and forearm — so he would be distinctive enough to rule him out just on a look at most skeletal remains. But according to police, the remains included “two femur bones, a vertebrae, and sides of a pelvis.” So it’s unclear how David is so certain.

More shockingly, this isn’t even the first time someone else’s remains have been found as part of this very search! In late July, a human skull was found and ruled to also be unrelated.

How many of these cases are there??

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According to, the last person Daniel spoke to was an acquaintance named Katelyn. Less than two weeks before his disappearance, per the police report, Daniel had met Katelyn when delivering liquor to her home for his side job with Instacart. Per the police report:

“Katelyn said she believed Daniel was very nice and she and her female friend asked Daniel if he wanted to hang out with them. Katelyn said she and her female friend ‘were drunk’ and that looking back on it, she shouldn’t have invited a stranger into her home.”

However, Katelyn told police, she thought Daniel was “harmless as he only had one arm and was short in height.”

The invitation meant more to Daniel, it seems. According to reports, he told friends he was in love with her — but his feelings were not reciprocated. His last message, before he left work that night, was to her. He wrote:

“the world can get better, but I’ll have to take all the time I can or we can, whatever, to name it.

I’ll either see you again or never see you again.”

So ominous in retrospect.

Daniel’s case is yet another which has benefited from the attention on Gabby Petito‘s case. His father told AZ Family though his son had already been missing three months, he saw a “sudden movement” in the search efforts after her case went viral. One small silver lining…

A reward of $10,000 is being offered for information that “brings Daniel back home to his family.” If you have any information, contact his family at (803) 200-7994 or go to HERE. If you just want to help, there is also a GoFundMe set up to help pay for the search.

Wishing his family good fortune but also, importantly, peace.

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