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Scotland Yard Investigating A Second Woman's Disturbing Account Of David Blaine Allegedly Masturbating In Front Of Her During An Interview

David Blaine
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
As we reported last month, model Natasha Prince went to the authorities claiming David Blaine raped her at a private home in London’s Chelsea neighborhood in the summer of 2004, months after she turned 21 years old.
Now, the Scotland Yard is investigating a SECOND woman’s alleged harrowing experience with the magician.
According to DailyMail, a “respected magazine editor and writer” told police the 44-year-old entertainer exposed himself and masturbated in front of her during an interview.
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The journalist’s statement to police reads:

“In December 1998, I was sent to interview David Blaine…per his request we met at a Japanese restaurant on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village. The restaurant was extremely loud, and my tape recorder wasn’t picking up the conversation even holding it very close to him. A private detective friend of mine lived a few blocks away. I called and asked if he was home and, if so, could Blaine and I could do the interview in his living room. He said he was there and invited us to use his space. I was hoping Blaine would be willing to do a few of his signature magic tricks for him.”

After Blaine performed a few tricks and had a chat with the friend (who later retired to his home office), the writer remembered the entertainer sending her to a kitchen for a refill of his bourbon.
When she came back, that’s when the incident allegedly happened:

“When I returned to the living room, Blaine was still on the couch where I’d left him, but now his pants were open, his penis was in his hand, and he was masturbating.”

The statement goes on:

“I think the first thing I said was, ‘You need to put that away right now’ and he asked something along the lines of, ‘Maybe you could give me a hand’ or ‘Don’t you want to give me a hand?’ To which I replied, ‘The guy in the next room thinks of me as family, and he’s packing. Are you insane?’ And the next thing out of his mouth was some version of ‘Just suck my dick for a few seconds.’ I told him if he didn’t stop immediately I was going to scream and that he wouldn’t like the results. The next several minutes are such a blur but in short order he’d zipped or buttoned up, and I pulled on his arms to get him to his feet and I dragged him to the elevator in the hall. Once down in the lobby, I pushed him out onto the sidewalk, I hailed a cab, then after one stopped I opened the back door, pushed him in (he was so completely out of it at this point), then I gave the taxi driver $20 and told him to take Blaine wherever he asked to go.”

After the disturbing encounter, the author told about 50 people what happened, including her editor who is said to have informed Blaine’s publicist:

“I do know that his publicist and or manager was informed by I believe my editor. This is second hand but I was told her response was something along the lines of ‘God dammit, I told him not to do that again.'”

On why she didn’t come forward initially, she said:

“I didn’t want my editors to think sending me on interviews with male celebrities would be problematic … It was the mid-nineties, I was new in journalism and I didn’t want to have that kind of reputation even though it was his shame. I thought it would reflect on me and they (editors) would not send me out on interviews with men. But now I am mad that I didn’t go to the police. I don’t know Natasha but I do know what happened to me and I thought if it helps, I should tell them.”

A spokesperson for the Scotland Yard has since confirmed an investigation into the matter, saying:

“The Metropolitan Police Service received an allegation of sexual assault on Monday, 23 October 2017. Specialist officers are supporting the victim. The allegation will be passed to the US authorities in due course.”

While this is not an allegation of rape, it certainly does establish a gross pattern of Blaine’s behavior.
[Image via C. Smith/WENN.]

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