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Deadliest Catch's Captain Sig Hansen Faces Assault Charges After Spitting On An Uber Driver -- Tsk, Tsk!

deadliest catch star arrested
People need to stop assaulting Uber drivers.
On Thursday, it was revealed that Deadliest Catch‘s captain Sig Hansen has been arrested following an argument with a driver for the ride sharing company. It’s said the reality TV personality is facing charges of assault and property destruction. Take him to the brig (sorry, had to)!
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Reportedly, the captain caught an Uber early on Thursday morning while in Seattle, WA. According to the police report, Hansen’s ride was canceled while the 51-year-old was still in the vehicle. Apparently, Sig tried to offer the driver $100 to continue the trip but the Uber employee refused as it’s against company policy.
This answer infuriated Sig as he supposedly spat on the driver and the driver’s seat. Not to mention, after getting out of the vehicle the sea captain also kicked the unnamed victim’s car. It didn’t take long for the driver to call the cops on Hansen.
Upon the cops arrival, the officers noticed spit inside the car and a large dent on the outside of the automobile. The police noted that the Seattle native was “obviously intoxicated” when they arrived at his home. As Hansen told the police, he was likely buzzed because he had been celebrating Norwegian Independence Day. Well that’s not a good excuse for being rude!
To make matters worse, Sig tried to deny his part in the controversy but, changed his tune when the cops put him in handcuffs. Hansen still denies spitting on the Uber driver, however, he has offered to pay for the damages done to the car. The father-of-two was booked at King County Jail and is slated to be released on $2,000 bail.
We’re guessing Mr. Hansen has been officially banned from Uber. Tsk, tsk!
[Image via WENN.]

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