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Bachelor In Paradise’s Dean Unglert Wants To Use Brother's Sperm To Impregnate Fiancée Caelynn Miller-Keyes!

Bachelor In Paradise’s Dean Unglert Says He Would Use His Brother’s Sperm To Impregnate Fiancée Caelynn Miller-Keyes!

Dean Unglert is willing to explore every single option available when it comes to having kids with Caelynn Miller-Keyes in the future — including potentially using his own brother’s sperm to impregnate his fiancée!

Wait, WHAT?!

The 32-year-old Bachelor in Paradise alum made the shocking admission on the couple’s Help! We Suck at Being Newlyweds podcast on Monday while opening up about the couple’s fertility journey to their co-host Jared Haibon. The reason Dean would entertain the idea of using his siblings’ sperm? The television personality confessed his fear that he’s potentially infertile:

“I’ve always thought I’m sterile. I still have a little inkling inside of me that thinks I am.”

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However, Caelynn reminded her fiancé that his sperm was “OK” when he got it checked out eight years ago. She also added that adoption is always an option if they struggle to get pregnant. But Dean had another idea in mind! He brought up the possibility of using his brother’s sperm, saying:

“I was thinking I could take — and this is kind of weird to say now that it’s attached to a person — but that we could take one of my brothers’ [donations].”

While this idea will no doubt raise a few fans’ eyebrows, the former pageant queen surprisingly didn’t seem too shocked by it! She responded:

“I knew you were going to say that. I was like, ‘I don’t want to say it because it’s weird,’ but I knew you were going to say that. Which brother?”

Considering Dean only has two brothers, their choices are limited! LOLz! If that wasn’t strange enough, he then took things a step further, suggesting that Caelynn “could just go into the room for 30 minutes” with one of his siblings and get the job done. Unsurprisingly the Bachelor alum was not here for that plan! She put her foot down and exclaimed:

“I’m not having sex with them.”

He quickly clarified he was kidding about that part — but not the sperm! He said they would use artificial insemination, noting this was something he considered doing long before he met Caelynn during season 6 of BIP in 2019:

“That’s always been my plan for if I’m sterile. So, if I’m sterile, that’s what I always imagined myself doing. Because their DNA is close to mine.”

Yeah, close, but still… Can you imagine having another man’s sperm? Someone you know? Wouldn’t that be more awkward than a donor??

Ultimately, it’s whatever Dean and Caelynn are comfortable with when it comes to planning for their future family! But what do YOU think about Dean’s idea, Perezcious readers? Would YOU be OK with it? Sound OFF in the comments below!

You can also ch-ch-check out a clip from their podcast discussion (below):

[Image via Caelynn Miller-Keyes/Instagram/YouTube]

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