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Donald Trump Accidentally Compared Himself To A Pedo Priest!

Donald Trump Compares Himself Pedo Priest

If your argument takes a turn where you mention pedophile priests, and you find you’re on their side? You might be the baddies!

In the midst of his multiple criminal prosecutions, Donald Trump has been arguing that past presidents should have total immunity for everything they did in office. His reasoning? As president you have to make tough calls like ordering attacks that kill people, etc, and if you had to worry you’d be prosecuted after, your hands would be tied. The thing is, presidents already do have pretty strong protections for that kind of thing — actions they take as Commander-In-Chief, that is.

Of course, the crimes Trump is accused of are actions that had nothing to do with his presidential duties serving the country — they were actions that served himself. He’s being accused of doing things no elected official should ever do as they thwart democracy itself. But in his argument even if a president assassinated a political rival, they’d be protected. So… what would keep them from just being a dictator? Like, what if Joe Biden was as bad as right-wingers like to say? If the Supreme Court ruled in Trump’s favor, wouldn’t such a corrupt president then just be able to have Trump shot and have it done? Seems like even school kids could figure this one out.

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But obviously this legal argument, inane though it is, would be really helpful to Trump, since the evidence seems pretty stacked against him if he has to face the legal system the way everyone else does. So instead of talking about what good he’d do for this country, he’s spending his time on the campaign trail beating the drum for total presidential immunity. And on Sunday he repeated a strange analogy he first made on Truth Social last week.

He’s been talking about “rogue cops” in relation to his own situation. We think in his mind he’s comparing himself to a Dirty Harry-type whose hands shouldn’t be tied, or he can’t save everyone? Speaking in Rochester, New Hampshire on Sunday, he said:

“But it’s a little bit like the police. So you have a rogue cop. You know what a rogue cop is? Very seldom. But you have bad people. You have people no matter where, no matter what.”

Wait, so the rogue cops he’s talking about are bad? And what? They should have immunity so the good cops can do their jobs? That would be bad enough. But the analogy he stepped in next was so much worse. He continued:

“In the church, you have some people that aren’t so good, right? But you have peop– a rogue cop or a bad apple or whatever. And what they do is they make it so that you catch– so that it can’t happen, and therefore everyone else is allowed to commit crimes, murders like at levels that we’ve never seen before.”

“In the church” there are “people that aren’t so good”? Yeah, he’s definitely talking about pedophile priests, right? There are obviously a lot of youth pastors who have been accused recently, so it’s not just a Catholic thing. But historically there’s been a huge problem in the Catholic Church in which priests are accused of molesting children — and instead of defrocking them and turning them into the police, the church has done what? Sweep it all under the rug and relocate the priests to another parish somewhere the kids don’t know them yet. Somewhere else they can victimize more altar boys. (See Best Picture winner Spotlight for a quick guide to that horrific scandal.)

See, Trump accidentally brought up a really good argument against total immunity. Because we absolutely don’t want priests to have absolute protection. We want all the pedos identified and locked up. Just like we want the corrupt cops, the “bad apples” Trump is talking about to be IDed and to face the justice system. Obviously.

The funnier thing, here, though also scary that this man didn’t even realize it, is that he’s not being accused of being a cop that maybe goes too far. He’s being accused of committing crimes 100% out of self-interest. So he’s being accused of being a “bad apple.” In Trump’s analogy of the pedo priests, HE’S ACCUSED OF BEING A PEDO PRIEST! And he’s arguing he should be allowed to go on and commit more crimes, just like those priests have done.

So yeah, we sincerely hope even his stacked Supreme Court sees through the obviously horrific argument he’s making. And we hope it helps them to hear the pedo priest analogy first…

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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