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Donald Trump 'Doesn't Live With His Wife' -- Instead He Ends Every Night With A Phone Call From Sean Hannity!

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And now another round of Fox News-is-even-more-biased-than-you-thought news, New York Magazine published an insider’s look at the very special relationship between Donald Trump and Sean Hannity.
We’ve been hearing the pundit was basically an adviser to the president — all while playing an objective “journalist” on TV. The Washington Post reported last month he “basically has his own desk” in the White House, but it actually sounds more intimate than that!
According to insiders, the two share a phone call EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED!
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Yep, apparently a couple hours after Trump ducks out of the Oval Office at 7 p.m. (and reportedly starts around 11 — yes, Trump’s work day is shorter than yours!), he watches Hannity on TV and then receives a call directly from the host.
This isn’t 1984, it’s like a bad sitcom. What if your racist grandpa who gets all his information from Fox News actually became president? With no qualifications or understanding or even the capacity to learn how to do the job? OF COURSE he would skip out on actual experts and get advice from his favorite talking head!
One insider says the calls actually help Trump “to decompress” at the end of the day because he has no one to talk to since “he doesn’t live with his wife.”
Here’s some video of how this call thing between them got started:

LOLz! You guys remember when Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow were the it couple?
Anyway, according to the piece, in addition to political tactics, the two “gab” about “media gossip” and TV ratings.
Apparently they’ve actually become good friends even though, as one insider put it, Hannity “knows how nuts” Trump is.
That particular tidbit was too much for Twitter — folks just had to weigh in with how they imagined that call going. See some of the best (below):

[Image via Fox News.]

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May 14, 2018 15:23pm PDT