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Don't Mess With Kanye


The diva raged this weekend!

There was a bit of a technical malfunction at Kanye West‘s concert in Houston on Friday night.

And he ended up walking off the stage in a tantrum!

Multiple concertgoers tell that the side screens that the venue had to show Kanye weren’t working – they weren’t the massive screens that were part of his show.

Kanye told the venue to “Turn the fucking screens off” first. And when no one did anyhting, he stoped the show and said “If the shits not working just turn it off” and stormed off!

After about a minute he came back onstage and finished the show.

We’re told the concert was amazing, though, despite the malfunction.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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May 03, 2008 17:14pm PDT

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