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If You're Watching Dubai Bling -- All Eyes Are On Kris & Brianna Fade!

Kris Fade and his wife on Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling is trending on Netflix around the world and all eyes are on Kris and Brianna Fade!

The show follows the lives of Dubai’s millionaires. Fashion is definitely served in this reality show with a heavy side of DRAMA! But Kris and his wife carved out their own story on the show. The series follows the couple as they get ready for their lavish wedding.

Fade is a radio presenter on the largest station in the Middle East, Virgin Radio Dubai, and along with Brianna, they run their snack company Fade Fit.

Fans of the show are calling The Fades the realest out of the gang with their story focusing on everything from arguments over food tastings to going to couples therapy together.


Their wedding will have you in tears as you see Brianna take a moment in her vows to include Fade’s two daughters from his previous marriage.

Kris Fade wedding to Brianna Fade
(c) Netflix/Kris Fade/Brianna Fade

Keep the tissue box nearby, because their story tends to bring the waterworks – especially when Fade’s father George and mother Gilda see their son’s waxwork at Madame Tussaud’s for the first time.

While their drama on the show doesn’t involve any coffee cup mishaps, one thing is for sure – The Fades are the definite favorites and the ones to watch for Season 2!

[Image via Netflix/Kris Fade/ Brianna Fade]

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Nov 08, 2022 06:44am PDT

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