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Trans TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Addresses Backlash Over Nike & Bud Light Brand Deals: ‘What Is Their Goal?’

Trans TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Addresses Backlash Of Nike & Bud Light Brand Deals: ‘What Is Their Goal?’

Dylan Mulvaney is addressing all the criticism regarding her brand partnerships.

The trans TikTok star has been garnering attention on all ends of the spectrum in the wake of her brand deals with both Bud Light and Nike. Obviously there are fans who are happy for her, as well as LGBTQ+ community members happy for the inclusivity. But the loudest voices in the room right now are the right-wing anti-trans folks who just cannot handle the news. They’ve boycotted the brands, even pulled out their guns (more on that in a bit). Now, Dylan is speculating on why that might be.

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During an appearance on iHeartRadio’s Onward with Rosie O’Donnell podcast Tuesday, the trans icon theorized:

“The reason I think I’m an easy target is because I’m still new to this. I think going after a trans woman who has been doing this for 20 years is a lot more difficult. Maybe they think there’s some sort of chance with me that they can — but I mean, what is their goal?”

ICYMI, on the first of the month, Mulvaney shared a video to her Instagram in which she promoted Bud Light beer, and four days later, debuted some Nike “workout wear.” See (below):

The aforementioned right-wing devotees relentlessly protested. Kid Rock shared a video to his Twitter in which he open fired on multiple cases of Bud Light with a submachine gun, before turning to the camera and spouting, “F**k Bud Light and f**k Anheuser-Busch!

Jokes on him, though — he still patronized the trans-friendly company! As did Representative Dan Crenshaw, who showed off his boycott of Bud Light with a fridge full of Karbach — another beer also made by Anheuser-Busch.

A spokesperson for Anheuser-Busch spoke out against the hate, explaining to Fox News:

“Anheuser-Busch works with hundreds of influencers across our brands as one of many ways to authentically connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points.”

Hundreds of influencers. But if one happens to be trans? They go nuclear. Dylan may not be willing to say why that is, but we are. It’s because they want to eradicate all things LGBT, and just her existence on what they consider their turf is an act of culture war to them. They can’t even just let people live. It’s disgusting.

Mindblowingly, in the wake of Mulvaney’s Nike deal, Caitlyn Jenner — who transitioned years ago — attacked the inclusivity of the brand in a series of Tweets, beginning with:

“As someone that grew up in awe of what Phil Knight did, it is a shame to see such an iconic American company go so woke! We can be inclusive but not at the expense of the mass majority of people, and have some decency while being inclusive. This is an outrage.”

Like Anheuser, Nike later spoke out against the hate speech in the comments section of their post while simultaneously praising Dylan: 

“You are an essential component to the success of your community. We welcome comments that contribute to a positive and constructive discussion. Be kind. Be inclusive. Encourage each other. Hate speech, bullying, or other behaviors that are not in the spirit of a diverse and inclusive community will be deleted.”

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Dylan later took to the photo sharing app to share a clip of herself fittingly performing No One Is Alone, starting off:

“Whether you’re a parent or you’re a child, or you’re young, or you’re old, or you’re trans, or you’re not — we’re all just trying our best here.”

See (below):

Ch-ch-check out her full interview (below):

What do YOU think about Dylan’s theory on why she’s an “easy target,” Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Dylan Mulvaney/Instagram & NBC/YouTube]

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