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'I Don't Think You're Racist': Leaked Audio Reveals Elaine Welteroth Allegedly Sided With Sharon Osbourne After Explosive Episode Of The Talk

Leaked Audio Reveals Elaine Welteroth Allegedly Sided With Sharon Osbourne After Explosive The Talk Episode -- Despite Taking A Different Public Stance!

Elaine Welteroth may have some explaining to do…

In new audio obtained by on Wednesday, the 34-year-old journalist purportedly consoled Sharon Osbourne after filming the explosive episode that led to the 68-year-old’s exit over racism and homophobia allegations. Specifically, Welteroth reassured the embattled co-host that none of the cast members thought she was racist following her on-air quarrel with Sheryl Underwood.

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In case you missed it, the music manager defended her friend Piers Morgan who came under fire for his controversial comments about Meghan Markle‘s interview with Oprah Winfrey. And when Underwood questioned her defense, Osbourne tearfully fired back that she was being placed in the “electric chair” for her support and couldn’t understand what was racist about what the former Good Morning Britain host said.

The altercation soon sparked widespread criticism, with CBS launching an internal investigation into the incident. Osbourne issued repeated apologies over her “panicked” response and accused the network of blinding her with the segment about Morgan. However, Underwood and Welteroth publicly denied that CBS had been planning the ordeal behind the scenes.

Now, the unearthed audio revealed that the television host allegedly sided with Osbourne while talking on a hot mic in her dressing room following the incident. Elaine reportedly said:

“Sharon, I’m just so sorry that that went the way that it went.”

Welteroth continued explaining how she knew they would address Morgan’s remarks the show but didn’t think it would take such a heated turn. Osbourne replied in the audio clip:

“Whatever you say, you just look guilty, and now everybody’s going to have that little seed of doubt. Oh, you know she’s a bit racist.”

Welteroth then responded by repeatedly saying how “f**ked up’ the situation had been. And despite their heated exchange, the former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief claimed that Underwood still “loves and respects” Osbourne:

“I just want you to know, Sharon, Sheryl loves you and respects you so much and had your back behind the scenes. She was not trying to attack you. I also understand when you had a night-long of trolls f**king attacking you online, you feel like you have to defend yourself.”

Welteroth further insisted that “no one” on the team — especially Sheryl — would ever think she was a racist, saying:

“I know you’re upset. It was terrible. I just hope you know when that once this blows over that you know that Sheryl is your friend. She really is your friend. She doesn’t think you’re racist. I don’t think you’re racist. No one who knows you would ever say that or think that.”

However, Osbourne couldn’t wrap her head around why Underwood wouldn’t try to help a friend out at the moment:

“But why couldn’t she have said, ‘I’ve known you for 11 years, I know you are not racist’ instead of, ‘I don’t think you are’? No. I know you’re not. There’s a huge difference. A f**king night and day difference to know.”

Elsewhere in the clip, the former America’s Got Talent judge also suggested that the network tried to “set me up,” adding:

“They don’t care that I will now have to go around and [have] people think I’m racist. They don’t give a s**t. They just want ratings. That’s all.”

Welteroth seemingly agreed with Osbourne, calling the situation “inhumane.”


Of course, this was way before more details came out about Sharon’s alleged on-set behavior. But it’s interesting to hear Elaine’s supposed initial reaction to the whole ordeal. We’ll have to wait and see if she’ll respond to this. So in the meantime, what are your thoughts on this alleged conversation, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via The Talk/YouTube]

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