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Did Eric Trump Just Come Out As LGBT On Fox News?!

Eric Trump gay come out fox news

Talk about a September surprise!

On Tuesday, Eric Trump made an appearance on Fox News in which he attempted to paint his father as a supporter of LGBTQ rights — and made gay Twitter collectively gag in the process after he appeared to abruptly come out as queer!

Now, anyone who’s done their research knows that Donald Trump’s so-called support of the LGBTQ community is one of his biggest lies. Whether its asking the supreme court to legalize workplace discrimination against gay employees, slashing global HIV/AIDS research budgets, or attempting to stifle transgender people’s access to healthcare and right to serve their country, POTUS’ administration has done nothing but attack the community.

But, of course, the election is right around the corner, so Trump’s team is stopping at nothing to hide the truth — and Eric appeared to make a big whoopsie while doing just that on national television.

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The 36-year-old, who has been married to Lara Trump since 2014, tried to support his daddy’s campaign claim that the President has the support of countless LGBTQ people, despite courting the approval of traditional family values voters, during his appearance on the cable news network. However, a slight slip of the tongue made it sound like he was outing himself instead!

He ranted to the other panelists:

“The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day. I’m part of that community, and we love the man.”

Um… WHAT?! He’s part of that community?!?

We’re pretty sure the way he meant it was:

“The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day; [they say,] ‘I’m part of that community, and we love the man.'”


Ch-ch-check out the moment for yourself (below).

Naturally, Twitics were taken aback by the potential revelation. While some applauded Eric’s maybe-announcement, many social media users within the LGBTQ community kindly rejected his gay application.

Users hilariously wrote:

“Either Eric Trump was high off sniffing glue or he just came out as gay on Fox News. If it’s the latter, he’s done the impossible by making the LGBTQ community reconsider their stance on conversion therapy.”

“On behalf of the LGBTQ community – f**k you Eric Trump.  And your whole bigoted, corrupt family. Enjoy prison!”

“In all fairness I don’t think there is a community that wants Eric Trump.”

“Out of complete fairness to Eric Trump, he probably thought he was LGBTQ because he’s the member of his family that’s always been told to sleep in the closet during overnight holiday gatherings.”

“The Chromatica Council has reviewed and denied Eric Trump’s application to join the LGBTQ community”

“Eric Trump: ‘I’m part of [the LGBT] community.’ … The LGBT community: ‘No you’re not.'”

Openly gay actor and Twitter darling George Takei gave a particularly hilarious response, writing:

“Eric Trump saying he’s ‘part of the LGBT’ community is like me saying I’m part of the fantasy football community. I might think I know what a ‘tight end’ and a ‘wide receiver’ are, but I would be sorely mistaken.”


Again, Eric more than likely just tripped on his words and isn’t actually trying to say he’s part of the LGBTQ community — but we’ll be keeping a lookout on Scruff just in case!

[Image via Instar/WENN]

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