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Even More Violence At Chuck E. Cheese!

Remember the wave of violence taking over Pennsylvania Chuck E. Cheeses this past January??
Well, two arrests have been made due to an incident that occured at at Manheim Township Chuck E. Cheese in Pennsylvania this past weekend!!
Urine-soaked ball pits always bring the unwanted dramz!
The police were called to the Chuck E. Cheese after a man asked two women to keep the obscenities at a minimum around the kiddies. The two women, aged 36 and 17, proceeded to “[throw] a soda at him, punched him and struck a manager in the face when [the manager] tried to step in,” according to police.
Is Chuck E. Cheese selling alcohol under the table???? This sounds like a bar brawl!
The volatile women tried to flee the scene, but local police caught up with the pair and arrested them for harassment and disorderly conduct.
Their poor children!

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Mar 17, 2009 20:30pm PDT

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