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So THIS Is What's Up With That Eye-Catching 'FAME' Car We've Seen All Over Beverly Hills!

Sheeraz Hasan wrapped his Range Rover with FAME and got a ton of attention around Beverly Hills!

If you’ve been around Beverly Hills lately, you’ve seen THAT car driving around!

You know the one, wrapped top to bottom with the ‘FAME’ stickers, branded bright and beautiful just like the glitzy and glamorous lights of the city around it! (Oh, and if you haven’t seen the car or don’t live in LA, ch-ch-check out the pic — above! Amazing!)

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We got the scoop on the formerly-black Range Rover now adorned by the bright orange ‘FAME’ logo! As it turns out, it’s owned by Sheeraz Hasan, the owner of a media company by the same name. Smartly, he uses the wrapped SUV to attract attention to the company.

It’s worked too, as he’s apparently locked down four brand deals this summer with clients who initiated the conversation with a comment about the car! Dayummm!

Sheeraz Hasan's FAME wrapped Range Rover gets attention all over Beverly Hills
The Range Rover doing its thing on the streets of Beverly Hills! / (c) FAME by Sheeraz

As it turns out, Hasan’s business model is a wise one, because word has it he’s using the car specifically to attract higher-end Beverly HIlls clientele. Rather than blast ads or go for big numbers online or through media outlets, the wrapped car makes for a nice conversation starter and an effective local link for his branding, amplification, and marketing work with FAME.


So smart, in fact, that insiders tell us an anonymous investor gave Sheeraz a $150,000 offer to wrap the Range Rover with their products and logo for a year. With Hasan’s work taking him places like NetflixDisneyHBO, CAA, and more, it’s not exactly a bad place for any investor to have their business advertised, ya know?! Talk about being business-savvy, even in a down economy!!!

[Image via FAME by Sheeraz]

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Jun 29, 2020 08:35am PDT