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Farrah Abraham Has Not Spoken To Her Mother Debra In TWO YEARS!

Farrah Abraham Has Not Spoken To Her Mother Debra In TWO YEARS!

Tensions aren’t high between Farrah Abraham and her mom — they are non-existent.

The Teen Mom alum and her mother Debra Danielsen haven’t spoken to each other in two years after a brutal falling out back in the first half of 2021. That’s according to the 65-year-old woman herself, who offered some details to a Teen Mom social media fan site on Tuesday.

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Per the US Sun, Danielsen spoke to an Instagram tea account called Teen Mom Fanz and revealed the sad situation involving her 31-year-old daughter, and her 14-year-old granddaughter Sophia Abraham. Per the account, Farrah allegedly “blocked” Debra’s number and “cut off any form of communication with her” after a blowout fight the two had in 2021.

This became apparent to Debra after repeated attempts at trying “to contact Farrah to see Sophia,” only to be rebuffed. Of course, Farrah and her mother had an extremely tumultuous relationship that was regularly tracked by MTV camera’s during the pair’s original Teen Mom run. So, sadly, it’s not a huge surprise to hear that they aren’t in a good place right now.

Still, Debra is really hoping that will change. She told the fan account that she wants to rekindle her relationship with her daughter and her granddaughter. The embattled grandmother said:

“I wish I could speak to Farrah. I miss Sophia and I would do anything to see her. Times are rough but I know God will prevail in the end.”

The former reality TV star also reportedly used her quick interview with the outlet to thank her fans and supporter, adding:

“Please let them know I love them and appreciate all their support! Also glad the show is making it easier for all the girls to know each other and to support each other.”

Does Debra really have supporters to thank, tho? She was a very controversial figure on a lot of Teen Mom OG episodes. Not that Farrah was a saint on the show or anything, but it takes two to create a toxic tango like they had. Ya know?

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Down in the comments of the tea account’s Insta interview (HERE), fans rushed in and called out Debra for past misdeeds. As you can see (below), there wasn’t a ton of support there for the controversial momma:

“I mean, they have a toxic relationship, they probably shouldn’t.”

“Let’s be real Farrah is not the only dysfunctional person in that family. Deb is a little out there too!”

“Farrah can ignore her mother BUT Debra deserves to see and communicate with her granddaughter. Farrah keeping her granddaughter away is selfish, cruel and shameful behaviour.”

“As they shouldn’t. They have a completely toxic, unhealthy relationship with each other”

“Deb was a POS to Farrah and never respected her boundaries/wishes. Good for her”

“Honestly after seeing them on the family boot camp show this isn’t surprising. Debra is the reason Farrah acts how she does.”

“Farrah may have had a good life like money and stuff but her parents weren’t the best. Her dad seems to have turned around but lord her mom”

“I don’t like a lot of things Farrah does or her attitude 99.9% of the time BUT good for her for knowing her boundaries and now allowing that toxic relationship in her or Sophia’s life”


This new take from the tea account backs up the estrangement timeline from prior reporting, BTW. Back in October of 2021, Debra spoke to the US Sun about being estranged from her daughter. At the time, Danielsen called the family’s falling out “a private matter,” and noted:

“We haven’t talked for quite some time. May was the last time I spoke to her. I am sad because Sophia is an amazing person and I love her so much. We had years together. I love her. I miss her.”

Ugh. So, the timeline here would seem to match up based on that interview referencing a May 2021 fractured relationship carried forward to now.

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Obviously, Farrah has a right to parent her daughter and live her life as she sees fit. With two years of estrangement and so much sordid history, it sounds like it is what it is at this point.

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