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Farrah Abraham Threatens Legal Action After Alleging Harvard University Was 'Educationally Abusive' Towards Her?!

Farrah Abraham Threatens Legal Action After Alleging Harvard University Was 'Educationally Abusive' Towards Her?!

Farrah Abraham is NOT happy with her experience at Harvard University!

The former Teen Mom star revealed in a huff late last week that she’s considering taking legal action against the world-renowned Ivy League school after encountering what she called “educationally abusive” behavior from its professors. Farrah had apparently been completing a Master’s program in creative writing through the institution’s extension school until things went horribly wrong…

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The infamous reality TV star spoke to TMZ about it on Thursday, claiming that things all started when she was urged to drop a course after a professor apparently told her to submit an assignment without proofreading it.

Farrah explained:

“When a teacher tells you ‘don’t worry about checking it over, it’s a class activity, just send it over to me,’ … as soon as I get off the class, she then sends an email, she urges me to stop the course. Harvard’s system is completely, like, wrong. It’s abusive.”

Uhhh…. OK? Feels like we’re not getting the whole story here? From there, the allegations spiraled, with the 30-year-old star alleging (below):

“An elder teacher in a position of power with a male dean blocked me out of a class and also said lies about my work.”

Frustrated by her alleged treatment, Farrah claimed that things quickly got worse when she tried to go to the school’s deans about the apparent ordeal but “nobody took a call, no one took a meeting.”

Not great!

As part of her complaint, the ex-Teen Mom star also slammed the prestigious university over what she bemoaned as a lack of diversity present in her classes:

“Harvard is a joke, it is a scam, that’s my Harvard review… I was the most person of color in the class, everyone else is super white. I’m happy I got my official transcripts and I can move on with my life, but wow, that was an awful, awful environment to do school in. I don’t deserve it, and I treat myself better than that.”

…While also questioning Harvard’s hallowed public image:

“I see that I’m not working with good people, and Harvard is a very abusive Ivy League school … Harvard has mentally, psychologically screwed us all up to think that they’re the most prestigious Ivy League; they are not. Their academic standards are out of date, they’re old, they’re archaic and they need to update their system.”


The former reality star also delivered a one-star Yelp review of the world-famous university (yes, really!), slamming its course offerings and blasting away at its otherwise-stellar reputation. Here’s part of her explanation on the review site:

“I would advise Harvard is not a safe nor credible school to attend. Educational abuse, deny student education, unsafe, discriminate [sic], slander, and poor mental health and writing and center help [sic]. Their own teachers do not know how to teach online! Hypocrite, scam, illegal Ivy League joke. Harvard can sell their logo but not their education as they offer nothing to really produce in the real world.”


Farrah Abraham vs. Harvard University… the celebrity feud we didn’t know we needed!

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For what it’s worth, Harvard is unable to comment on the issue, calling it an “individual academic matter” and citing guidelines in accordance with federal student privacy laws. Still, what a wild feud, even if it’s a bit one-sided right now!

What do U make of this crazy s**t, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your take on Farrah’s feud with Harvard, all down in the comments (below)!

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