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Farrah Abraham Goes Full Anti-Vaxx: 'You Know, Some Kids Have Died From Vaccinations'

Farrah Abraham anti-vaxx

We truly live in the dumbest timeline.
Days after Jessica Biel seemingly came out as anti-vaxx in a public stance against getting children vaccinated, only to later clarify her feelings,Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham has carefully studied the issues, weighed out the consequences, and decided that she is in favor of forgoing vaccines for your children. Thanks a lot, Dr. Abraham.
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Speaking about the vaccination issue in an interview with TooFab on Monday, Abraham laid out her thoughts on whether families should get shots for their children, saying (below):

“I think it’s all good with the anti-vaccinations. With Sophia, it’s like, ‘Do I want to do vaccinations? Do I not?’ It’s like, ‘Is she going to get sick?’ You know, some kids have died from vaccinations. So I understand that some parents feel that there should not … it’s a parent’s choice, just like with pregnancy, it’s the woman’s choice. So however you feel it’s going to benefit your family or you, then make the right choice. So I think Jessica Biel is bringing light to that.”

Uhh… there’s a lot to take in here.
First off, Abraham noted in the same interview that she did get her 10-year-old daughter Sophia vaccinated… so, even though it’s “all good with the anti-vaccinations,” she didn’t actually practice what she seems to be now preaching??
Second, it’s incredibly disingenuous to compare vaccinations to a woman’s choice whether to get a safe, legal abortion. Abortion is — entirely — a decision for a woman to make for herself, in consultation with whatever medical professionals she may be seeing who can offer insight into the health issues related. But that’s all! When a woman chooses to have — or not to have — an abortion, that choice affects her and her life (and her partner’s life, very close family members, etc.), but it does NOT affect every one of the hundreds or thousands of other people she may come into direct contact with throughout her lifetime.
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Vaccinations, on the other hand, affect not just the person getting (or not getting) vaccinated, but also everyone else they come into contact with casually — especially people with low or compromised immune systems who are susceptible to the spread of disease, like the very old and the very young!! Women who choose to get abortions don’t cause other women around to suddenly get abortions, because abortion isn’t a contagious disease!
But with vaccines… contagiousness is EXACTLY what we are trying to prevent against! Come on, Farrah!!!
But the Teen Mom OG star was far from finished, and continued (below), saying:

“Some people can’t go to school if you don’t vaccinate your kids, then your kids can’t go to school. So I think everyone should be treated equal, healthy and safe. Do you like shots, though? I understand it’s no fun. But you’re healthy right? Because of those? So sometimes it works out. … Sophia has been vaccinated. Luckily we haven’t had any issues, you know, from going to schools. Now she does online schooling.”

Well isn’t that nice to know.
Look, nobody’s saying that parents should blindly give their children a million shots “just because,” and Biel’s broader point about allowing parents the right to talk to their pediatricians to make the best decisions for the child’s health is a good one — after all, a very small portion of people actually, legitimately do need exemptions to certain vaccinations, if they are allergic to the contents of the shot, or something like that. But by and large, vaccinations are completely safe and effective, and they remain one of the greatest public health victories of the last hundred years.
It’s a shame to see uninformed reality TV stars and actors decide to take a stand that doesn’t reflect reality.
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