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World’s First 'Robot Lawyer’ Set To Represent Defendants Using Artificial Intelligence!

World’s First ‘Robot Lawyer’ Set To Represent Defendants Using Artificial Intelligence!

The jaw-dropping future is here!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a robot represent someone in the courtroom, your wait is just about over — it’s happening for the first time EVER next month. According to the New Scientist, artificial intelligence software, accessible through a defendant’s smartphone, will listen to and analyze all recorded speech during two upcoming legal proceedings, before advising the defendants on how to respond through a Bluetooth earpiece.


While details remain slim, including the defendants’ identities, it’s been confirmed there will be two cases: both speeding tickets — one will take place in person, while the other will take place over Zoom, according to USA Today.

This has all been made possible by tech startup DoNotPay, and CEO Joshua Browder, who bills the company as, “the home of the world’s first robot lawyer,” with its mission being to, “level the playing field and make legal information and self-help accessible to everyone,” according to its website.

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Wearing a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece is not typically permitted within the courtroom, as some states require all parties to consent to being recorded, which is a necessity for the legal software. Out of 300 cases considered for DoNotPay’s A.I. software, only two were viable, according to CBS. Browder told the outlet Monday:

“It’s within the letter of the law, but I don’t think anyone could ever imagine this would happen. It’s not in the spirit of law, but we’re trying to push things forward and a lot of people can’t afford legal help. If these cases are successful, it will encourage more courts to change their rules.”

He added that if the futuristic software ends up losing the forthcoming cases, DoNotPay will cover the costs. As far as credibility goes, the 26-year-old founder explained the intelligence firm has already used A.I.-generated letters and chatbots to help secure refunds for in-flight Wifi, lower bills, and fight parking tickets in over two million cases!

On the company’s website, the UK-born CEO revealed the software’s origin wasn’t actually even intentional:

“I started the company by accident at Stanford. When I moved here I was a horrible driver and began to accumulate all of these parking tickets. And I couldn’t afford to pay. So I became a legal expert about all the reasons why people can get out of parking tickets. And at the same time, I was a software engineer and I was writing the same letter over and over again for myself and my friends. It became obvious that this is something that should so easily be automated.”

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Wow — possibly one of the most revolutionary advancements in recent years, and it was done on “accident” by a college student! Crazy! However, don’t expect to enlist the help of the A.I. bot for yourself anytime soon, as Browder told CBS the software is more about advocating for change within the legal system:

“This courtroom stuff is more advocacy. It’s more to encourage the system to change.”

See more (below):

Would YOU ever trust that sort of technology in a legal battle, Perezcious readers? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below!

[Images via NewsNation & 20th Century Studios/YouTube]

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