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5 Victims Found Dead In North Carolina Murder-Suicide -- 3 Of Which Were Children!

5 killed in north carolina murder suicide 3 were children

A horrifying weekend in North Carolina led police to discover 5 victims of an apparent murder-suicide in a residential area.

The High Point Police Department had a gruesome Saturday morning when they were called to Mossy Meadow Drive. According to a neighbor who called 911, two adults were running up and down the street in terror “screaming for help” around 7 a.m… chilling. Fox 8 reported one neighbor recalled an adult male and an adult female ringing their doorbell and banging on the door saying someone was trying to kill them:

“The man said that it was his father. He woke up, and there was a gun to his head. Somehow he pulled the magazine out of the gun, and they escaped.”

Another neighbor described to local news station WFMY how they frantically called the called police:

“I was just like ‘that’s never happened here … oh my God, what do I do?’ I just decided to call 911 because I was like ‘I’ll just leave it up to them’ because I don’t want to put my life or my family’s life at risk”

So scary…

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Police Captain Matt Truitt spoke to the outlet and said once officers arrived on scene they forced entry into the home where the man and woman led them, and upon doing a sweep they discovered a stomach-churning scene:

“Officers did force entry into the home and went through the home in what we call a protective sweep, to check for victims and anyone in the home. They ended up locating three juveniles that were deceased and two adults that were deceased.”

Law enforcement confirmed one of the adults who screamed for help lived in the home while the other was just a visitor. Court docs also confirmed this wasn’t the first time police had been called to the home for trouble — other times being in 2014, 2016, 2019, and 2022.

Shellie Macmillian, a neighbor who lives right around the corner, told WFMY her son was first to discover police presence in their neighborhood while he rode his bike that morning:

“He was like, ‘What is going on?’ I feel like maybe later on today, at the right time, I will let him know. Because I do want him aware of what’s going on in our neighborhood, so we are going to sit down and just let him know what happened here.”

In a press release, HPPD wrote this tragedy is being investigated as a murder-suicide, but have no other information at this time:

“This is currently being investigated as a murder/suicide. There is no information at this time that indicates any threat to the community. This is an ongoing and active investigation. There will not be any other information released at this time to protect the investigation.”

Just awful. Our hearts go out to the victim’s families. We hope they get answers and justice for their loved ones soon.


[Image via YouTube/FOX8 WGHP]

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