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Florida Teacher Beaten Unconscious By 5-Year-Old Child -- Will He Face Charges?!

Florida Teacher Beaten 5-Year-Old Child

We’ve heard of teachers dealing with violence from students, but kindergarten aged kids? This may be a new one on us…

A teacher at Pines Lakes Elementary School in Pembroke Pines, Florida was found beaten practically half to death after apparently failing to calm down a 5-year-old student.

According to a police report, two students — a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old — began flipping chairs and throwing objects. The teacher, whose name has also not been revealed, separated the children, bringing the elder one to what they call the “cool down” room. Unfortunately it didn’t work too well.

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The boy reportedly beat the adult woman with his hands and feet until she was left in an “unresponsive” state — the kind they call off boxing matches for. Luckily she was able to radio to the rest of staff that she “needed support” before she went out.

When police arrived, they found her sitting against the wall, slumped over and “in a faint state.” One responding officer wrote:

“She was clearly weak and dazed. She then began coughing and dry heaving… I attempted to get a response from [the victim] by asking if she could hear me or feel me touching her arm to which I didn’t get a response. [She] continued to blink and breathe regularly but at no point was able to vocally respond or show signs of a response.”

Fire Rescue officers put her on a stretcher and took her to the nearby Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, FL. The teacher has since been sent home after treatment.

A statement from the Office of Communications of Broward County Public Schools commented on the matter, saying:

“The safety of our teachers, staff and students are always the District’s highest priorities. There was an incident at Pines Lakes Elementary School on Wednesday, March 2, that resulted in a teacher being transported to a local hospital. The situation was investigated by Pembroke Pines Police and handled in accordance with District protocols. Due to privacy laws, the District is not able to provide any additional information and defers to Pembroke Pines Police.”

There is currently a criminal investigation into the incident, but the Pembroke Pines Police Department confirmed the little boy has not been arrested. Florida is one of the 27 states that have no minimum age for arrest and prosecution, but police spokeswoman Amanda Conwell told WPLG it’s highly unlikely the child will face criminal charges since he’s “under the age of reasoning.” Though she did allow that “things can change” as it’s still an open investigation.

Get more on the shocking incident (below):

[Image via WPLG Local 10/YouTube.]

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