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Kim Kardashian Still 'Longs' For Kanye West -- To Accept Reality!

kim kardashian, kanye west : kim 'longs' for kanye to accept reality

Kim Kardashian has moved on. Now all she can do is hope and pray her ex does the same.

Unfortunately, Kanye West was never known to be a particularly accommodating person. From where we’re standing, it seems he’s only grown more unreasonable with time. First, he put her and her family on blast and tweeted about wanting to get divorced. Then when she finally moves to divorce him (after supporting him through that crisis), he lashes out and makes the whole process as difficult as possible for her.

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After all that, it’s no wonder that a source told Us Weekly that the reality star is “truly happy” to finally be single in the eyes of the law. The insider explained:

“It’s a positive step forward in the divorce. Even though other issues are still being disputed, it’s a huge weight off her shoulders.”

She’s not out of the woods yet, though, and reasonably hopes that the legal proceedings going forward will “be more civilized.” But poor Kim has already been put through the ringer by her ex, and he hasn’t shown any sign of letting up soon. Another Us source revealed:

“She longs for the day when things finally calm down and Kanye accepts the reality of the situation, that she’s moved on and doesn’t want his drama interrupting her as she tries to move on with her life.”

Romantically, she’s already moved on with Pete Davidson, but we have to imagine their relationship is under a fair amount of stress due to the Yeezy founder’s actions. A third source said the SNL star is trying to “downplay the impact” of Ye’s unsettling new music video (in which a caricature of Pete is buried alive), but he does have concerns about how “how obsessive and dark” things have become. The insider admitted:

“Pete is trying to make out like he finds Kanye’s pranks hilarious, but nobody really believes him. … He actually feels sorry for the guy, but at the same time, he just wishes he could be left alone.”

Meanwhile, the momma of four is “a lot less forgiving” of her baby daddy, who found the Eazy video “twisted.” The source said:

“She was appalled by this stunt and is rapidly losing the little patience she had left at this point.”

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Yet another insider added:

“She found it really disturbing and is fearful of what could come of it. She wants to protect Pete just as much as Pete wants to protect her.”

Okay, so the consensus is: Kim is not at all okay with Ye’s actions, which makes complete sense. If he really loved and respected her he would back off and stop the harassment. We just hope she gets her wish and he stands down so they can co-parent in peace. And we REALLY hope he doesn’t escalate things any further.

[Image via Will Alexander/MEGA/WENN & Tonight Show/YouTube]

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