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The Best 'Friends' Celebrity Cameos We All Love & The Ones You Probably Forgot!

A roundup of the best 'Friends' celebrity cameos.

We’ll start by stating the obvious: Friends is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time!

Along with jump-starting the careers of its unforgettable cast including Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry — the show boasts an impressive number of celebrity cameos since it first premiered 25 years ago.

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A few big names made appearances just as they were coming out of a breakout role — like Reese Witherspoon did following the 1999 hit, Cruel Intentions. Others like a young Dakota Fanning enjoyed smaller, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part before later growing into the spotlight.

There are PLENTY of recognizable stars who spent some time down at Central Perk, but we’re almost certain you won’t remember a few names on our list!

And FUN FACT: today Jennifer, Reese, and the third Green sister, Christina Applegate, were all nominated for Golden Globes! So awesome!

Ch-ch-check out some of our all-time favorite celeb cameos on Friends (below):

The One With Brad Pitt

In an especially memorable Thanksgiving episode — which aired in season eight — Brad Pitt guest stars as Will Colbert, an old pal who went to high school with Ross, Monica, and Rachel. Monica invites Will to spend the holiday with the gang, but their little reunion doesn’t go as planned after he reveals he was co-founder of the “I Hate Rachel Green Club” back in the day, along with Ross! Over dinner, Rachel discovers they spread a vicious rumor — and it’s comedy gold!

The One With Danny DeVito

Danny Devito makes a wildly entertaining cameo in season ten as Officer Goodbody, the stripper Rachel and Monica hired last minute for Phoebe’s bachelorette party. The ladies were probably hoping for a tall, handsome man with washboard abs and a sexy dance number prepared. But instead, a middle-aged short and stocky Devito shows up in a cheap costume and delivers a subpar performance than ends with him in tears!

The One With Selma Blair

Selma Blair made her brief cameo alongside Chandler Bing in the season nine episode, The One with Christmas in Tulsa. Chandler sends everyone else home to be with their families while he and a coworker named Wendy are forced to work late at the office during the holiday. However, the flirty, sexy, and second in command played by Blair is more than happy to flirt while Monica isn’t around!

The One With Winona Ryder

Two women sharing a kiss on national TV?! We guess Stranger Things have happened before! But it was certainly a memorable moment when Winona Ryder guest starred and locked lips with Rachel Green during an episode in season seven. The whole thing went down after Rachel bumped into Ryder’s character, Melissa Warburton — a friend from college who she smooched after drinking too much one night. Melissa insists she doesn’t recall their previous encounter, but a steamy peck from Rachel quickly jogs her memory! Melissa then confesses she remembers everything and was actually in love with her!

The One With Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate‘s two stints on the series would go on to earn her an Emmy award for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy. The Netflix star played Rachel Green’s older sister named Amy Green in two episodes on seasons nine and ten. In the clip (below), the pair’s lifelong tension reaches a breaking point after Amy crashes the gang’s Thanksgiving dinner and insists she’d make a better parent to Rachel’s daughter, Emily.

The One With George Clooney & Noah Wyle

When E.R. meets comedy! As the episode title, The One With Two Parts suggests, George Clooney and Noah Wyle made their debuts on the popular sitcom in a two-part episode in season one where Rachel talks Monica into switch identities at a hospital so she can use Monica’s insurance and get treatment for an ankle injury. It’s there they meet the doctors and then attempt to keep the identity swap by going on a double date!


The One With Reese Witherspoon

Long before her days of running Monterey on HBO‘s Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon made two consecutive appearances in season six as Rachel’s pretty but privileged younger sister, Jill Green. Jill shows up on her big sissy’s doorstep looking for help after getting the financial axe from their father. But her character’s time on the show was cut short after she broke girl code and tried to pursue Rachel’s eventual soulmate, Ross!

The One With Gabrielle Union

On an episode in season seven, Ross and Joey competed for the affection of their new neighbor and mutual love interest Kirsten Leigh, played by Gabrielle Union. Both men took extraordinary measures — including hilariously airing each other’s dirty laundry — in hopes of winning Kirsten’s heart. But it wasn’t long before things got of hand and Union’s character ditched the pair of bros for good!

The One With Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning played a girl named Mackenzie in the Friends episode, The One With Princess Consuela, when she was only 10 years old! Joey tries to solicit her help to craft a plan to find something wrong with the house Monica and Chandler bought in hopes it will make them stay in the city. Instead, she delivers advice and a performance well beyond her years in the clip (below):

The One With Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller guest stars in season three as Rachel’s boyfriend Tommy who irrationally screams at anyone (including Ross!) bothering him. The hilarious performance truly speaks, we mean screams for itself!

The One With Ellen Pompeo

We bet you forgot Dr. Meredith Grey, ehem, Ellen Pompeo once portrayed a Friends character named Missy Goldberg, a former college classmate who Ross and Chandler both had a crush on! Watch her break the news to Ross that she and Mr. Bing enjoyed quite the fling before he ever knew about it in the throwback video (below):

The One With Kristin Davis

On an episode in season 13, Rachel and Phoebe do everything in their power to convince Joey to seriously pursue a woman he casually hooked up with named Erin, played by Sex And The City star Kristin Davis. Their plan is completely self-serving, though, as the ladies took a liking to Davis’ character and cared more about befriending her than the short-lived flame with Joey!

The One With Bruce Willis

In a guest-starring role that would go on to earn him an Emmy, Bruce Willis played Paul Stevens in three season six episodes. As the father to Ross’s young girlfriend Emily, Paul is super skeptical about his daughter dating an aging paleontologist — but things become even more awkward after he later starts dating Rachel!


The One With Julia Roberts

In her epic cameo in season two, Julia Roberts stars as Susie Moss AKA “Susie Underpants” who gets her sweet revenge on Chandler for lifting up her skirt in front of everyone in the fourth grade by leaving him without his pants after a steamy make-out session in a men’s bathroom!

The One With Freddy Prinze Jr.

When Rachel and Ross are in search of a babysitter for their daughter Emma, they’re pleasantly surprised and confused when they come across Sandy — a hypersensitive, male nanny played by Freddie Prinze Jr.! This happens to be one of those Friends clips that didn’t age so gracefully as Ross’ homophobic assertion that Sandy must be gay to perform a job like this certainly wouldn’t fly today. But what this scene lacks in tastefulness it makes up with a heaping dose of humor as FPJ proves his worth as a caretaker.

Who’s your fave, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your thoughts!

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