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Fyre Festival Attendees Being Scammed AGAIN?! See The Sketchy A-List Offers For Yourself...

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The Fyre Festival is like a bad slasher movie! Just when you think you made it out alive, and you’re home safe… it jumps out at you!
Only, in this case it’s from your computer…
According to festival attendees, speaking to Vice News, the email list for Ja Rule‘s ill-fated tropical island getaway is like the barrel in which scammers are shooting fish. Even months later.
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Seth Cressno says he received an offer just this month to have a private dinner with LeBron James for $2,999.
The suspicious email reads:

“We stepped up our game today for you, big time. The Cleveland Cavaliers come to Madison Square Garden on Monday, April 9, to play the New York Knicks. We have seats to the game and invitations to the Cavs team dinner and club after the game, where Lebron [sic] will be in attendance.”

At least the game isn’t on April 1?
Another attendee, who wished to remain anonymous, almost bought tickets for the (normally $30K per seat) Met Gala — but backed out at the last minute due to a bad feeling.
That December 17 email read:

“The 2018 Met Gala is on Monday, April 30, at The Met in NYC. We partnered with the sponsoring brands to get you a chance to buy tickets. Tickets include red carpet, seats for the event/dinner, and an invitation to the after-party. Tickets are extremely limited. Please respond with your brief bio and number of guests you’d like to have attend, and we’ll follow up with a call.”

Vice points out what most fans of the ball know — you can’t just buy your way in! Anna Wintour has final say over the guest list, whether you’ve shelled out big bucks or not.
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Just last week on January 17, attendees received an email offering them tix — and teasing insider info — on this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Fashion week is coming up in NYC, so we got a little motivated to give you one of the most anticipated fashion and social events of the year – The Victoria Secret [sic] Fashion Show (and after party, of course). A few of the models gave us their ticket allotment, so we are excited to offer them to you. Rumor has it the show is returning back to the US this year (second week of November) but you didn’t hear that from us ;). Tickets are $1.5k/person, and confirmations today receive a 15% discount.”

Notice the misspelling of Victoria’s Secret? Totes official.
A Vice reporter reached out to the man behind these emails, one Frank Tribble who — according to his emails — works for a company called NYC VIP Access, a company which apparently was just formed in November.
Tribble assured the reporter these offers are real. He says the NBA tickets come from the “player pool” and the VSFS tix come from the models, who are each allotted three seats.
Only, when you pay you don’t get the tickets until the night of the event.
Um, what??
Tribble explains:

“For the actual tickets, we will send you instructions. You do pick them up at will-call. So we give you confirmation stuff before any money is sent. There will be a contract in place, and the reason why you have that contract is because you don’t get the tickets upon purchase, you pick them up at will-call.”

Sounds SUPER legit. Let us know how that goes!
[Image via CBS/Patricia Schlein/Jaime Espinoza/WENN.]

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