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Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie's Families Set To Fight It Out As Court Date Set!

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This is going to be the biggest court face-off of the year… the year 2023.

We told you about the lawsuit Gabby Petito‘s parents filed in which they claim Brian Laundrie “advised his parents, Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie, that he had murdered” their daughter, but instead of coming clean the Laundries lawyered up.

The Petitos argue that keeping the info from them, letting them believe their daughter was still alive as the harrowing search went on for weeks caused an irreparable amount of undue pain.

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Thus far the Laundries have not been cooperative (again), filing a motion to dismiss what their attorney Steven Bertolino calls a “baseless and frivolous” lawsuit, saying they simply “exercised their constitutional right to refrain from speaking and have relied on counsel to speak for them.”

Well, it looks like it’s going to a court to decide! According to court docs obtained by The Sun, a trial date has been set for August 14, 2023. Assuming the judge doesn’t agree the suit is frivolous, it seems we’re going to get to see some evidence we’ve never seen before about just what the Laundries did and didn’t know — and what they did to help their son!

Unfortunately it seems the wheels of justice are as slow as ever. Summer of next year! Dang.

What do YOU think about the lawsuit??

[Image via FOX13/YouTube.]

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