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Gabby Petito’s 'Odd' Final Text Revealed In Unsealed Search Warrant

gabby petito : unsealed search warrant reveals 'odd' final text

Although Gabby Petito’s body is believed to be found, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding her final days.

While many of the puzzle pieces that make up this case have been revealed to the public, there are still a lot of questions concerning what happened to Gabby, and why. Many spectators assume those questions could be answered by her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie — but he, too, has disappeared, making the facts of the case look all the more suspicious.

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On Monday, a search warrant was unsealed for a hard drive found in the van that Gabby and Brian had used to travel across the country. The warrant (which can be read in full HERE) revealed a number of communications from Gabby. The document stated that the 22-year-old sent “multiple text messages” and “had many talks” with her mother, Nichole Schmidt, during her trip.

Alarmingly, police officer Daniel Alix noted:

“During these conversations there appeared to be more and more tension between her and Laundrie.”

Her mother became particularly suspicious after getting what she characterized as an “odd text” from Gabby on August 27, which read:

“Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.”

Per the warrant, the YouTuber’s grandfather is named Stan — but her mother pointed out that Gabby would never call him by his first name. The warrant stated:

“The mother was concerned that something was wrong with her daughter. This is the last communication anyone had with the subject.”

Innerestingly, Nichole had previously told that Gabby’s final text, from August 30, said:

“No service in Yosemite.”

At the time, Nichole hadn’t revealed the contents of any other messages from Gabby, but claimed “the things she was saying” was “a little bit weird.” She raised the possibility that Brian had sent the texts from Gabby’s phone to mislead the family about her location.

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Now, though, the unsealed warrant stated that the “Stan” text was her final communication. (The warrant, dated September 15, did say that the phone had been shut off for “approximately 15 days,” so August 30 is still in the window of possibility.) Officer Alix explained:

“Her cellphone was no longer operational, and she stopped posting anything on social media about their trip. Per her family, this was not normal behavior for the subject, and they became more worried about her.”

We’re not sure what to make about the discrepancy of these “final texts,” but regardless it sounds like Nichole’s intuition was correct that something strange was happening with her phone. Whether or not it was Brian sending those messages remains to be seen. Hopefully the recent search of his family home will turn up more clues — if Brian doesn’t turn up himself.

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram/YouTube]

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