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Shading Brian Laundrie's Mother?! Gabby Petito's Mom Posts & Deletes Message About How To Raise Sons!

Gabby Petito Mom Nichole Schmidt Raising Sons Brian Laundrie Parents

Gabby Petito‘s parents have been a beacon of hope on social media over the past few months — despite the fact they’d have every reason to be trapped in despair.

The search for their daughter ended in tragedy — she was murdered by her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, and the whole thing was allegedly covered up by his parents, whom they’d lived with for months. On top of the unimaginable loss, it was a soul-crushing betrayal.

But still they’ve put their energy into posting messages of positivity as they try to make sure other loved ones of missing persons — and especially young women in domestic violence situations — don’t ever have to experience what they did.

It was in that vein that we imagine Nichole Schmidt‘s recent post was offered. But maybe also a little shade was intended toward the parents who made her life even more of a hell for a while.

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According to The Sun, Gabby’s mom shared — and then deleted — a poem directed at “boy moms.” The text of Love Your Sons Or Hate Men, written by Dior Bingley, is a story to illustrate a point about how women need to feel about the men they are raising. It read, per the outlet:

“I walked into Starbucks behind a mother and her (3) sons. My Goodness these boys were so handsome, so kind towards each other.

I was blessed by witnessing them. When I sat down I turned to the mom smiled and said, ‘Omg you have 3 boys. Wow!’

Her response… It struck me like a bolt of lightning. And while staring directly at her eldest age 11 or so [she said], ‘Yes, and then they grow up to be stinky men.’

I was shocked. My eyes shot open and I said, ‘No, no amazing men.’

When it was time to gather my drink I said goodbye to the baristas and the women sitting there and smiled at the boys.

And I carried a sting as I walked out the door. I will die on this hill.

You CANNOT Love your sons if you have even an inkling of disdain for men. And your unwillingness to see correct AND shift this will produce the exact thing you’ve spoken life into…”

Nichole, who also has a son — Gabby’s younger brother TJ Schmidt — captioned the post:

“Yassss! All of this #BoyMom #teachkindness #loveunconditional #givelove”

It’s a message about parenting, but it’s hard not to wonder if it’s meant as a dig at Brian’s mother Roberta Laundrie amid the families’ legal feud. After all, the young man she raised, well, he turned out to be the worst thing that ever happened to her entire family, didn’t he?

But also, it was recently claimed by the Petitos’ attorney that Roberta Laundrie wrote a letter to Brian after the killing — a letter which allegedly contains evidence that she knew all about what he’d done. Supposedly she implies in the letter she’d try to break him out of prison if she had to.

If ever there were a time to shade a fellow mom’s parenting, this would be it!

But like we said, the Petitos have been mostly positive — when not directly addressing their lawsuit and the fight to get the truth out of the Laundries. So maybe she just meant it for all the other moms out there, and that’s why she took it down?

What do YOU think?

[Image via 60 Minutes Australia/YouTube/Gabby Petito/Instagram.]

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