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Sunday's 'Game Of Thrones' Was Officially The WORST Reviewed Episode In The Show's History!

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A couple weeks ago it seemed Game Of Thrones had hit rock bottom for the season, critically speaking.
The twists and turns in The Battle of Winterfell were apparently so divisive the episode ended up the worst reviewed since Season Five.
On Rotten Tomatoes, Episode Three had a score of 74%, meaning only 74% of critics thought it was good.
But as we told you at the time, those who liked the episode really loved it, and it ended up having a respectable 9.04 out of 10 average rating, which is actually quite solid.
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We had no idea just two episodes later we’d see the lowest score in the series’ history, coming in well below the previous most hated episode, Unbowed Unbent Unbroken.
That episode, which contained the Sand Snakes attacking and Sansa Stark marrying Ramsay Bolton (yeah, that episode) has a score of 54% and an average critic rating of 7.55 out of 10.
Sunday night’s The Bells ended up with a 47%. What’s worse, the average critic rating is an extremely low 6.35. YEESH.
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Well, you probably know why YOU were disappointed with the episode — but what did critics have to say?
Get a taste of the more bitter than bittersweet reviews (below)!

Glen WeldonNPR: “…as a meta-comment on how much harder women have to work to succeed in a world that’s set up to reward men, it scans well enough. As consistent, satisfying characterization, though, it’s awfully shaky… We could tell where the writers were pushing her, but when she got to that destination, and made the decision she did, it felt like a choice imposed by the demands of the plot, not the needs of her character.”
Anna Leszkiewicz, The New Statesman: “After eight seasons of mostly nuanced treatment of an unpredictable, vengeful, merciful, passionate, calculating character, Daenerys Targaryen suddenly descended inexplicably into full villain mode, committing the most horrific war crimes possibly ever seen on Game of Thrones… It feels like Game of Thrones is throwing a major character under the bus for the sake of an easy ending.”
Matt Goldberg, Collider: “The Daenerys of previous seasons was in a heroic mold. She could be brutal against her enemies, but she had an affinity for the downtrodden. Slaves like Missandei and Grey Worm became her closest advisors. But because the show needed to push her towards a darker path, she started to rely more on “destiny” and entitlement for the throne even though her actions for the majority of the series were about trying to rule fairly and justly… It doesn’t work when we have eight seasons of spending time with the character and knowing how she relates to other people.”
Tasha Robinson, The Verge: “…taken as a whole, all these idiot gestures look exactly the same. “The Bells” is full of characters being their dumbest, most ill-considered selves, solely in the pursuit of momentary conflicts and payoffs.”
Andrew Bloom, Consequence of Sound: “The penultimate installment of Game of Thrones is one of the series’ very best in terms of its imagery, its performances, its atmosphere, and the moods and reactions it is able to evoke and provoke as the show glides effortlessly from one harrowing sequence to another. But that still doesn’t make it a well-written episode. Many of its characters’ choices are naive at best, and markedly out of character at worst.”
Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone: “A version where she ignored the bells and flew Drogon straight through Cersei’s balcony would have felt of a piece with where the story had taken us to this point. What she did instead required at least another half of a regular-length GoT season to feel earned. But the showrunners needed their queen to get mad in a hurry, and so she did… No TV episode has ever looked more impressive than this one. But the technical genius wasn’t accompanied by the storytelling equivalent. As a result, the 80-plus minutes soon began to feel punishing.”

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