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Twitter Reacts To The 'Game Of Thrones' Series Finale!

People react to Game of thrones series finale on twitter

Well, folks… it’s over.
The finale of Game of Thrones aired Sunday night, and, needless to say, there was a lot to unpack.
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Twitter was buzzing with opinions about the series’ final hour and a half throughout the night, with fans sharing their thoughts on the finale’s biggest moments — including that [SPOILERS] heartbreaking death, the new ruler who was crowned, the returning character who inexplicably grew up to be hot, and a certain knight turned blogger.
Ch-ch-check out the best reactions (below)!

Robyn Arryn’s Glow Up

Justice For Ghost

Let’s hear it for the good boy!


Brienne’s Burn Book

Brienne of Tarth had some loose ends to tie up…


Bran The Broken

By now you know Bran was crowned the new ruler of the six kingdoms…

Queen In The North

Sansa Stark also made Westeros history by declaring that the North would be its own kingdom… which she would go on to rule, obvi.

But before that, she viciously shut down Uncle Edmure Tully’s candidacy to be the next king:

This Is Arymerica

Let’s give it up for our favorite assassin hanging up her faces and kill lists to become an *explorer* instead:

Long Live queen Daenerys

Naturally, quite a few people were upset with how Daenerys Targaryen was handled this past season; particularly in the penultimate episode, when she suddenly burned King’s Landing to the ground.
The Mother of Dragons didn’t fare well in the finale, either, as she was killed by Jon Snow after he received one “we should probs kill her now” pep talk from Tyrion Lannister. Like Drogon, fans were pissed:

But many found a suitable coping mechanism: to ignore Season eight Dany completely and give nothing but respect for THEIR (Seasons one – seven) Khaleesi:

Well there you have it folks — it’s officially over! At least it wasn’t as bad as the Dexter finale, right??
Did you love it or completely hate how they ended things, Perezcious readers? SOUND OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below).
[Image via HBO]

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