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A Father's 'Worst Nightmare': Son’s Body Still Missing After Being Lost In Mail 3 Years Ago

Georgia Father Is Still Trying To Look For His Son’s Body After It Was Lost In The Mail 3 Years Ago

A father has been experiencing the “worst nightmare” of his life since his late son’s remains went missing three years ago.

Speaking with People on Thursday, Jeffrey Merriweather Sr. explained the initial blow was learning his 32-year-old son Jeffrey Merriweather Jr. (above) was dead. The young man’s body was discovered partially decomposed weeks after a suspected shooting in 2019.

However, Senior never learned for sure what his child’s official cause of death was. Why? His remains were mysteriously lost after the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Georgia shipped the body via FedEx to a specialized facility in order to find out how he died. How… How is that possible?!

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According to WSB-TV, a spokesperson for FedEx previously told the news station that the shipment arrived at the mail carrier’s location in Austell, Georgia. But no one could figure out where the remains went after that. What’s even worse is that nobody still knows where they are to this day. Look, mail gets lost every day… but a whole person?!

Now, Merriweather Jr.’s family is hoping to take legal action in order to hold someone responsible for losing his body. Senior told People:

“I just want someone to be held liable for this. I have his two kids too, and there’s no closure for us. I just don’t understand how certain laws protect people from things like this.”

The father never even received any follow-ups from either FedEx or the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, which told Fox 5 Atlanta it reached out to its investigative team to look into the matter back in 2019. So there has been radio silence from both places for three years since the remains somehow vanished?! What actual the f**k?! That is so messed up.

But it seems one of them was willing to say something now…

A spokesperson for FedEx told People in a statement on Thursday, saying:

“Our thoughts and concerns remain with the family of Mr. Merriweather, however, we request that further questions be directed to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office.”

Seriously, that’s it?! “Thoughts and concerns”? At the end of the day, Merriweather Sr. wants to see some sort of legislation in place so that no other families have to go through something as devastating as this:

“This is a lot of negligence on the part of FedEx, who had the remains at their location, and then all of a sudden, lose it? How do you do that with remains? This is like the worst nightmare a person can go through.”

We cannot imagine the pain that this family must have been going through all these years – especially since they haven’t been able to get closure and properly mourn their loss. It just breaks our hearts…

[Image via Jeffrey Merriweather Jr./Facebook]

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