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Juicy Couture filed a lawsuit in Manhattan on Tuesday against Victoria’s Secret for ‘stealing’ Juicy’s idea of slapping a brand name on the backsides of sweatpants.

You know, cuz that’s SUCH an original idea!

“The similarities are not inadvertent and are designed to capitalize on the success of Juicy Couture,” says the Federal suit.

Juicy’s also claiming that Victoria’s Secret’s practice of selling apparel wrapped in the shape of lollipops, bon bons and ice cream cones totally bites off the success of Juicy’s Sweet Shoppe packaging.

Guess when money is at stake (i.e. the shopping dollars of the lovely young ladies), copying is NOT viewed as the ultimate form of flattery!

Whose side are U on, ladies???

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Apr 30, 2008 11:27am PDT

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