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What? Not another reality show?


Fox is going back to the classics, thankfully.

The station is said to be launching an animated comedy. The first new one in three years!

The concept? A spin-off.

But still. Better than the fake reality shows, like The Hills, right???

As of now, the show will be called Cleveland. And yes, it’s a spin-off of the Family Guy.

It is set to launch next Spring.

We love Family Guy, so hopefully this doesn’t suck too hard!

Cleveland is expected to air 13 episodes, and staffers are already being hired for the show.

Fox must really love Seth MacFarlane!

The last two animated shows on Fox were Family Guy and American Dad, both created by MacFarlene.

There’s also talks of two new cartoons joining the network if they get approved, The Pitts and Sit Down, Shut Up.

There’s also four non-cartoon shows set to land on Fox’s schedule.

Let’s hope this marks a trend of more scripted shows and less “reality” tv.

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Apr 30, 2008 11:32am PDT

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