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Gilmore Girls Star Thinks 'Women Shouldn't Vote'! Yes, Really!

Gilmore Girls Christopher David Sutcliffe Podcast Women Shouldnt Vote

On TV, Rory Gilmore’s dad was an absentee father and just kind of a selfish jerk. IRL he’s much, much worse.

If you didn’t know, David Sutcliffe, best known for playing Christopher on Gilmore Girls, is a right-wing, pro-Trump, men’s rights activist type. Frankly, someone with whom Lorelei would never have even entertained having a kid!

A couple years ago, for a hot minute, people really thought he stormed the Capitol on January 6 after he made jokes about it — and made clear he stands with the insurrectionists. It was almost as heartbreaking as the guy who plays Jimmy Pesto actually getting arrested for it. Sutcliffe may not have actually broken the law for his beliefs, but he does support changing it. Specifically, he’s not a big fan of women’s suffrage. It turns out he has a podcast called The Psychosphere where he talks to guys like Andrew Tate — yeah, the accused sex trafficker — and spouts his own hot takes, the latest of which is:

“Women shouldn’t vote.”

Um. What??

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Yeah. Don’t let ’em tell you everyone in Hollywood is a big ol’ liberal feminist, because it has its share of creeps with sexist beliefs, too! The actor explained on Monday’s ep:

“100% on that. We need to take away the vote. Look where it’s gotten us! You can’t have women in charge. Women actually don’t want to look at reality, they want to — men, men look at the harsh reality, of a certain aspect of life. Women don’t, they’re not interested in that.”

UGH. What in the eff is he even talking about? He continued:

“The harsh brutality, the primal nature — it’s men who are watching nature videos of lions eating gazelles alive. Men are interested in that, they want to face that, they want to look at that. There’s a truth of nature that’s there.”

This is, we suspect, some more of that nonsense about why we shouldn’t help the poor and disabled and those otherwise in need in our society bEcAuSe nAtuRe and sUrviVal of the fiTTest. You know, the default position of the party that all the Christian pastors support for some reason. Sigh. Listen for yourself to this tripe (below):

Are YOU disappointed? Did you already know about Sutcliffe’s views? Did you hate Christopher so much it doesn’t even come as a surprise?? Let us know what you think in the comments (below)!

[Image via Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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Dec 14, 2023 17:45pm PDT

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