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'Golden Bachelor' Family Member Says This Is The REAL Reason Gerry & Ex Broke Up

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Real Reason Broke Up Ex

Gerry Turner may not be willing to look back and give specific answers about his controversial love life before starring on The Golden Bachelor… but someone in his life is!

As you’ve probably heard by now, last week The Hollywood Reporter dropped a surprise exposé in which folks claiming to know the real Gerry said his whole schtick on the show was a big, fat lie! Basically, he’s allegedly been dating the whole time since his wife died, despite saying he hadn’t been kissed in six years. One woman says he started dating her ONE MONTH after Toni‘s passing. And she says they were together around two and a half years, over half of that time LIVING TOGETHER! So no the man didn’t turn his lake house into a monastery like the show implied.

Maybe the ickiest allegation made by this woman, given the alias Carolyn by the outlet, was that they broke up when he refused to bring her to his high school reunion because she’d put on ten pounds, telling her he wouldn’t take her “looking like that.” That’s a pretty damn good reason for leaving.

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But a defender of the reality star says it wasn’t the reason at all. A family member spoke to The US Sun on Monday to debunk Carolyn’s claims, saying:

“None of that is true, no. It’s all out of spite.”

Sorry, it’s out of spite? That she’s pretending to have dated this man for nearly three years? No, that much is true. Even this source is confirming that aspect of the story — too hard to deny, we guess?

No, the insider says Gerry’s ex is making up the story about being fat shamed by the man she was living with. They say the real reason they broke up was all about money! Yep, they’re claiming the “Golden Bachelor” was involved with a gold digger. The source claims about Carolyn:

“She wanted her name on the lease of his lake house. He said no, and that was it for them. I don’t even remember her name.”

We are of course talking about Turner’s dream house on Big Long Lake in Hudson, Indiana. The one he got for his wife — and less than a year after her passing had invited another woman to live in. That house.

Anyway, Carolyn did mention money issues to THR. She said when she moved in after they’d been together 10 months — Gerry told her she’d have to pay $1,000 in rent. Well, they said he told her she had to contribute to the lease. But if he wasn’t willing to put her name on the lease, isn’t that just him charging her rent?

That wasn’t the only place Gerry was a penny pincher. The way Carolyn tells it, they should have called him the Copper Bachelor! She claimed she had to pay half when they went out to eat — but she had to give him the money up front so he could still look “like the big man” paying for everything. UGH. Red flag, ladies!!!

So money was definitely an issue between them. But just because they had disagreements about the lease, that doesn’t mean the moment he irrevocably crossed the line wasn’t the body shaming! Couples are complicated, breakups are complicated. This “family member” who’s claiming to know more than the dumpee — but can’t even remember her name? Not the best source if we want to know the exact moment that relationship ended. Just sayin’.

[Image via Bachelor Nation/ABC/YouTube.]

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