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'Golden Bachelor' Sob Story A Lie?! He's Been Dating Since Month After His Wife Died -- & Dumped Woman For Gaining 10 Lbs: REPORT

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Sob Story Lie Dumped Woman Gaining Weight

Bachelor Nation viewers know the story of The Golden BachelorABC went older with their new spin on the dating show, and the very first star was Gerry Turner, a hunky septuagenarian with a heartbreaking backstory.

His wife of 43 years passed away back in 2017, and the poor guy just couldn’t bring himself to get back into that dating pool in all those years. No first dates in 45 years, and now he was finally going to try again — on national TV.

Only… was that all BS??

In a shocking exposé on Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter claims Gerry DID date after his wife’s death. The woman (whom the publication codenamed Carolyn) was 14 years the widower’s junior at 52. Math not mathing there? That’s because this was in 2017. Yeah. Just a MONTH after his wife’s death! Not six freakin’ years!

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According to her account, which came with receipts like text messages and other documents, Gerry dated her for over two and a half years! They even lived together, in that “dream” retirement home on the lake he bought for his wife, for the last year and nine months of the relationship. Wow.

Carolyn told THR she didn’t want to become a national story — but she was too hurt by being relegated to the “invisible woman” role. She was particularly galled when he fed contestants familiar lines. He texted her on September 2, 2017:

“Damn, I go to bed at night thinking of you and wake up in the morning thinking of you.”

That was three months after his wife’s death btw, for those keeping score. And he told Leslie the fitness instructor on the show:

“I have to have you with my morning coffee, I have to have you when I go to bed at night.”

That’s just his thing, we guess. The morning and night line. Gross. Carolyn’s friend Susan McCreary didn’t mind her name being used as she put this man on blast, telling THR:

“I just can’t believe this has happened to my girlfriend.”

Susan was particularly offended when he claimed he hadn’t kissed anyone in six years, something she knew was a flat-out lie:

“And I’m like, what? He’s got to know that people are paying attention to this show. I’m just flabbergasted.”

The way the relationship with Carolyn ended is particularly despicable — not the type of thing we’re sure Bachelor producers ever wanted coming out. She says they were planning on going to Gerry’s high school reunion. His 50th, we assume. As she was packing, he told her not to bother, she wasn’t invited. He brought up her weight, pointing and saying:

“I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that.”

Carolyn explained she had put on about 10 lbs recently due to stress. 10 lbs. And he was suddenly ashamed of her.

As one might expect, that fight led right into their breakup. She says he kicked her out of the house and made her stay at a hotel as she finished out her two weeks notice at her job. Oof.

And Carolyn wasn’t the only one either! According to Heather Lanning-Adams, who worked as a waitress at the Shady Nook bar and restaurant near his home, Gerry worked his way through the ladies, bringing them all to his spot. She told The US Sun:

“He dated a couple of women. They weren’t all long-term, but they… weren’t short-term either… He was with a couple of women for a decent amount of time, but it just didn’t work out.”

Wow. For all the fans who bought his aw, shucks heartbroken widower act, well, y’all aren’t alone either. We guess he’s been practicing it for a while on various women before deploying it on America. Gross.

[Image via Bachelor Nation/ABC/YouTube.]

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