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The Great British Bake Off Star Prue Leith Reveals Shocking 13-Year Affair!

Great British Bake Off Prue Leith 13 Year Affair

Prue Leith is much more than the sweet, innocent gal from The Great British Bake Off.

During an episode of Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast earlier this month, the 83-year-old revealed she once had an affair with a married man! That married man would eventually become her husband, the late Rayne Kruger. But at the time he was married to Nan Munro, her mom’s best friend!

Wow!!! That’s messier than James Acaster trying to make flapjacks on Celeb Bake Off! She explained:

“I never asked Rayne to leave his wife because I was very happy.”

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Prue shared that during the time of their affair, Rayne was her business mentor and the chairman of her company, which prevented her from seeking commitment:

“I was building my business. I had none of the duties of a wife, and I had all the pleasures of somebody who loved me. I wasn’t pressing for marriage.”

The chef shared that “nobody ever guessed” she and Rayne were hooking up:

“We were very discreet about it. It was easier, in a way, because he was a family friend and he was the chairman of my company. He’d helped me enormously. Everybody knew that we were great friends and that he was my mentor because he was 20 years older than me.”

Wow, Prue! Just WOW!

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She shared that 13 years (!!!) into their affair, when she was 34, she finally decided she wanted more — she wanted kids, something she couldn’t have with a married man. So she decided to leave for someone who could offer her more:

“At that point I thought, I’ve got to leave Rayne because he’s not going to leave Nan. I left him and I left him by the simple expedient of running away with somebody who said he was in love with me, and I thought, ‘That’ll do.’”

However, Prue leaving just made Rayne realize he actually wanted to be with her — for real:

“He left Nan and he rang me up and said, ‘Come home. We’ll have a baby. I can’t live without you.’”

So she did. The two married and welcomed their son Danny in 1974 and later adopted daughter Li-Da. They lived happily ever after until Rayne passed away in 2002. However, the whole time, the pair managed to remain friends with Nan, who Prue called an “amazingly forgiving, extraordinary woman.”

Nan must be exactly how Prue describes, because we FOR SURE wouldn’t be able to handle that!! LOLz!

Prue took years to move on, but eventually married John Playfair in 2016, 14 years after Rayne died. What a life!

We have to say, we were not expecting all that of Prue!! Not a side of her we ever thought we’d hear about!

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[Image via TODAY/Great British Bake Off/YouTube.]

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